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They keep tally on what's theirs and what's not because they have learned to count.
We are going to keep a running tally of where people stand.
If the hand tally matches the machine tally, the county can recount the remaining ballots by machine only.
And newspapers had yet to turn the admissions cycle into an annual tally of percentages and prestige.
Home advantage has, on average, added an additional six medals to a country's tally.
Watching yourself scoring the items, even before you tally them, you'll come to know what you want.
Helicopters flew around counting people, and a second tally checked if they were still there.
The discoveries increase the continent's tally of known sharks and rays by a third.
The key to the body's tally of fat stores is the hormone leptin.
At a given college, an application tally might reflect only how easy it is to apply.
Keep a tally of the amount and types of birds visiting your yard.
Or an intense, deadly rainstorm never shows up in a monthly average rainfall tally.
It would probably be more accurate to keep tally with a running three to five semester average.
No reliable figures exist for total costs, but a tally of billions of dollars is likely.
All take power readings and keep a running tally you can view through a web interface or mobile app.
Tell students to make a tally mark in the space next to each new word each time the word is read aloud.
After all three groups have read their reasons, tally the points.
Biological diversity entails more than a gross tally of species.
But until recently, researchers had no way to tally the faster ticks.
Meanwhile, you contribute to their influence and follower tally.
Announcing that these votes would be cancelled in the middle of the vote tally was a bad move.
The history of east-west conflict does not boil down to some bookkeeping tally of humans killed during a given century span.
The final tally is likely to run into the tens of thousands dead, many more wounded and many more still left homeless.
It's also the lowest tally on nine years of government records.
Two months after the vote, the final tally hasn't been published.
His power-play goal in the first period held up as the game's winning tally.
Irregularities were apparent in tens of thousands of tally sheets.
And the campaigns offer up still more versions of the tally.
But as the cold held on, they slowly gave up on the fruit and began to tally their losses.

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Whereas, before, our forefathers had no other books but the score and the tally, thou hast caused printing ... more
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