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The export trade in lard and tallow has made remarkable gains during the past few months.
The tallow was then used to waterproof boats or wine barrels.
Removal of these controls was necessitated by the ending of meat controls which freed lard and edible tallow.
They may also be cooked in beef tallow or in vegetable oil that is high in saturated fat.
But neither restaurant offers period-authentic fare or lighting that is strictly tallow.
Tallow candles burned quickly and unsteadily, and they scattered grease.
The tallow is then melted, and the moulds are filled.
At the edge of the table stood a smouldering tallow-candle in an iron candlestick.
Workers crushed animal flesh and fat in its basin to make tallow, which drained out of the tiny hole below.
In the cities, tallow chandlers bought fat from butchers and private households, to make both soap and candles.
Effective measures during transportation were taken to avoid cross-contamination with other animal feed and tallow.

Famous quotes containing the word tallow

Thou clay-brained guts, thou knotty-pated fool, thou whoreson, obscene, greasy tallow-catch.... more
the young men who watch us from the curbs: They hold the glaze of wonder in their stare Our crooked backs, hands fetid a... more
It is not their bones or hide or tallow that I love most. It is the living spirit of the tree, not its spir... more
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