talking head in a sentence

Example sentences for talking head

Unless they're a talking head on television, at which point it becomes a crapshoot.
Get your news from people who are experts is their field, not some talking head.
The best conclusion from all this is how to have a successful career as a talking head.
Coming out as a talking head will get you some attention.
In a newscast, for instance, the background behind the talking head remains virtually unchanged.
It's not enough for a talking head to say they're useless, it has to be clearly demonstrated.
The difference between human beings and other creatures, observes one talking head, is our basic dissatisfaction.
Freebie software lets you send your e-mail as a talking head.
She will be quietly living her life as a sometime talking head and author.
The students do more research than the typical talking head.
Scroll bars are good to use for script when you have a talking head in order to make it accessible.
The video contains the speakers talking head at a reduced image quality but with good sound quality.
They sent a camera crew and talking head but had nothing to show.
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