talking point in a sentence

Example sentences for talking point

Too bad this talking point fails in the face of reality.
His main talking point as a candidate is obviously his background in finance and economics.
Treating this as purely a political talking point seems a big mistake.
Chris has been unresponsive and dismissive to arguments that directly address perhaps the signature talking point of his career.
Neither of these talking point examples represents the detainees they are used to represent.
The rhetoric about its being broken is a talking point being used by people who want to do away with the present system.
It's vague, open-ended, and exactly the sort of empty talking point that coarsens and dumbs down national discourse.
Perry messed up because didn't spend enough time memorizing that talking point.
Saying one non-talking point during a primary is not the mark of courage.
And he simply refused to entertain a serious guest to tell him he and those spouting the silly talking point were full of beans.
But you're going to have to get off your right-wing talking point sites to find out why.
The stand, which was laid out in the style of a wine store, became a visual talking point among exhibitors and visitors.
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