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The tour guides include history, pirate tales and legends along the way.
But our intractable brains evolved on a diet of campfire tales.
Some stem cell recipients have indeed told tales of unexpected recovery.
The annals of marketing and design are filled with tales of products that gained widespread popularity for unintended uses.
Even a greenhorn could predict what would happen next: more films based on fairy tales.
Even sailors who didn't run aground here told tales of the howling winds and birds.
Players' relationships with bats have inspired any number of myths and tales.
Some of his tales were true, others near-fabrications.
Each is unique, and many of the time-travel tales contain ingenious twists.
His tales include skinny-dipping, nearly getting arrested and plenty of beer.
These tales have spawned legal battles, comics-page yarns, and endless dinner-table diversion.
But her response to my questions, and her way of telling tales from her long life, had me gasping for breath.
She had many tales of what went on at that convention.
Many cultures have flood myths-tales of ancient destruction on an epic scale.
Your students have probably heard stories or fairy tales about the forest, and they may have spent time in the woods.
Work stops and you eat this incredible food and share tall tales.
Fish tend to inspire exaggerated tales, as anglers know all too well.
The history of business is filled with similar tales.
They told tales of people laboring for years on the market but ending up empty-handed.
It will be on the receiving end of rumors and tales of woe commonly heard from some professors and students.
Convene administrators, and tales of lazy, irresponsible faculty members soon erupt.
There have been many tales of people being told by the charity that they would change the registration, and it never happened.
Much of the time, journalists spin tales entirely devoid of history.
Many high-school counselors have heard tales, secondhand if not first, of alumni interviewers' behaving badly.
Storytelling is a human universal, and common themes appear in tales throughout history and all over the the world.
Their light-induced toxicity may also help explain the origin of vampire tales.
For those of us in the tech-review business, however, these flopperoos live on as painful memories-and cautionary tales.
We have more new diseases than ever in history and you believe in fairy tales of magical mutations.
There are plenty of tales of animals finding some alcohol and getting tipsy.
There's no reason to take the author to task for using a personal story amongst his collection of second-hand tales.
It gets your point across without fear mongering and lurid tales.
Furthermore, when confronted with their falsehoods, many subjects did not even realize that they had been telling tall tales.
Confirming some ancient truths captured in two morality tales from different cultures.
If you want people who think to take you seriously, you'll want to leave out fairy tales.
Yet look in the periphery of such allegorical tales and you can find some surprisingly accurate vaticination.
Voters, sick of the tales of graft that fill their newspapers, would have cheered swift action.
His witty and often macabre tales won him critical acclaim and he was a successful short-story writer.
In this febrile mix, the tales about the source of some rumours sound almost as fanciful as the rumours themselves.
Tales of greed and fraud during the boom years abound.
Please stop trying to be smart and disproving real research with your tales of single individuals being miraculously cured.
The have millions to spin their fairy tales and downplay the negatives.
Doing cryptic crosswords or, equally, reading tales of mystery and imagination.
One of the president's top aides told a group of her fellow pols that he had proof that she was behind the unfounded nasty tales.
But don't let the predictability of that narrative dissuade you-these are some colorful characters with fascinating tales to tell.
As the new film shows, updates of the bard's tales require both excess and respect for the text.
People used to sit around and tell tales, particularly the older relatives who would come over and entertain with stories.
The nine stories in that collection-haunting tales of grief and frustrated affection-were widely lauded by critics.
Curious tales are told of his omnipresence, his omniscience.
Ask a dozen soldiers to tell you a story about the war and you'll hear a dozen harrowing or poignant or side-splitting tales.
He spun wild tales of his supposed poverty and backwoods ways, once claiming to have resorted to eating roadkill to survive.
There are no happy endings here, but neither are these tales tragedies.
Violence is a lingering theme, often conveyed with a power that lasts long after the short time it takes to read these tales.
The neighbors' tales had a depressingly familiar ring.
The dinosaurs are long gone, but their tracks remain, telling strange tales of where the creatures went and how they lived.
Elusive monsters have long been the inspiration for sea tales.
Mystics of nearly every faith, including all five of the world's major religions, have long told tales of astral projection.
Researchers and aquarium attendants tell tales of octopuses that have tormented and outwitted them.
To uncover their tales, you need a storyteller with an expert's knowledge and a writer's flair.
The media is rife with tales of animals from polar bears to corals suffering as a result of climate change.
It shows up in many myths and tales, it's perfectly all right if actor plays one especially if it is a comedy.
There were an extraordinary number of people in his short life, many of whom had tales to tell.
The sun rises late and sets early, and even during the day there is little to do but trade tales.
Yet it is only a slight thing that prevents many of them from being folk-tales, or even old wives' tales, narrated by a virtuoso.
The tales of the beast that got away provided irresistible copy for nearly two years.

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