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We've become extremely talented at hiding away the ill effects of our consumption decisions.
Instead, you can use your talented hands to pump out actual power chords.
We deliver measurable results, finding exceptionally talented people who truly fit the unique culture of our client organizations.
Top talents will cease taking the grad-school gamble, and with less-talented instructors the quality of instruction will suffer.
He compares it to being a computer programmer, where age seems to be a disadvantage no matter how talented you are.
Structural reforms are less important than talented teachers who are given the freedom to succeed.
Fortunately, the museum has a talented curatorial staff that has a reputation for picking the best in contemporary art.
The only thing he loves more than photographs are the talented people who make them.
Talented craftspeople are turning food packaging into sophisticated and creative wares.
They were really quite talented at taking responsibility.
In some cases, the paper engineer proves to be doubly talented and serves as the illustrator as well.
Brown is still a fledgling chef, but he's clearly quite talented.
And companies eager to attract and retain talented workers and managers are responding.
Talented people are going it alone and bringing their designs directly to market.
And the top of the company is full of exceptionally talented people: that's clear.
He's a talented debater, but that may not be enough to overcome the obstacles that have been piling up.
My extraordinarily talented second brother lives downstairs.
The author of this article is really talented if only from an artistic viewpoint.
Other talented musicians have to spend years of training to achieve what seems natural to his genius.
One factor not considered is that these successful, talented, and creative people tend to be undereducated.
Otherwise, everyone is going to imitate the director, and no director however talented can play all the roles.
White is likable, and he's genuinely and prodigiously talented.
Lavishly talented as both a storyteller and a prose stylist, he is notable for his skill and his fertility.
For such a talented chef, that was easy, but the other half of the challenge-keeping prices low-sounded daunting.
Among the many talented cooks in their kitchens are some chefs that are sure to be big names on their own in the next few years.
But behind many top chefs and restaurateurs stands a talented significant other.
These are incredibly talented and hardworking people, youll read about their achievements and visions.
There are many talented engineers and business professionals that are seeking opportunities for work.
Intellectually all what is juicy is already done by talented complexity theorists.
So clearly, there are a lot of talented people who are recruitable to this work.
Around the world, unemployment is high yet skilled and talented people are in short supply.
They are also putting out welcome mats for the talented rather than building bureaucratic obstacle courses.
Not that he is denying the existence of talented financial executives.
Talented employees can have huge egos and plenty of job opportunities.
Talented executives need mentors to help them climb the ladder.
The clearest example of this is that even governments have to pay highly for talented executives.
The current fashion for raising barriers to the inflows of talented researchers and entrepreneurs hardly helps.
Reclaim a piece of the past with talented artisans, collectors, and dreamers who restore masterpieces of a bygone era.
Such dancing challenged the rhythmic sensibilities of talented performers.
They are both highly talented, high-energy executives, who see the big picture as well as delve into the details.
The team is composed of several talented photographers and videographers.
They also can have profoundly negative impacts on a talented scientist's career, if the odds never manage to tip in their favor.
Hopefully this prestigious venue will bring an incredibly talented performer to much-deserved wider recognition.
Check it out for some truly great work from some truly talented folk.
Talented and facile theorists set the intellectual agenda.
Continuing to improve and expand the country's energy supply will require a pool of talented researchers.
The gender gap in ability among the mathematically talented is closing fast in many countries and non-existent in others.
Ian is also an incredibly talented and accomplished illustrator in his own right.
It is the incoherence of meritocracy: giving everyone a chance and then privileging the talented.
The actor wasn't especially talented but, as it turned out, he was diligent and a quick study.
But it spawned not only talented entertainers, some of whom later became movie stars, but great comedians too.
His father was a locally famous countertenor, but in fact the entire family was talented and the house never silent.
Movie stars can generally be separated into two categories: the supernaturally talented and the supernaturally attractive.
But the talented ones are able to capture the feeling of the collection and express it ever so subtly.
Targeted outreach to talented bloggers, improv performers, and stand-ups would help widen the field of applicants.
With the exception that he's way better looking and way more talented.
He is not only talented, but he's so smart and sensitive.

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