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The ability to write about science, either in a published paper or a text book, is a rare talent indeed.
Such benefits signal the importance of diversity and maintain universities' ability to recruit from global talent pools.
The universities have said that the bill could hamper their ability to recruit and retain top faculty talent.
And even if this did demonstrate true psychic ability, it seems to be a useless and destructive talent.
They wine and dine the best and brightest students, siphoning future leaders off the top of the talent pool.
Now the government is trying to attract them back, and to encourage younger talent to consider a scientific career.
We've got a fantastic technical crew and on-camera talent.
Indeed, this talent makes it indispensable to all living things.
Being able to read silently to yourself was considered an amazing talent.
But the real talent inside the bun was the big, fat, juicy portabella.
Big name voice-over talent regularly adds a superstar kick to video games.
Interest and talent for delivering general education courses.
Nor has the firm been helped by the defection of some of its top talent to rival arbitrageurs.
Seems your talent at misinterpretation isn't limited to scientific data.
He sees how the world can be made better with the strategic and daring use of time, talent and resources.
Collins in that she has survived so long with so little talent.
While top talent events are ticketed, each of the sessions offers many free events, from music and drama to visual arts showings.
The scientist is made a invention to show the talent for people.
Each corner of her house displays evidence of her talent for creating an ambience both fanciful and romantic.
The university is beginning to lose talent to other places.
He was born to a farming family with a musical history and talent.
And you know, we've definitely seen the talent pool become younger and younger.
The huge amount of diverse talent in paleo-themed art and illustration today does nothing bad to science.
The talent that is recruited for this show is unbelievable.
Studies of genes in people and songbirds are providing clues about how and when the remarkable human talent for speech arose.
With all that talent concentrated in one room, who knows what earthshaking ideas may have rippled forth.
It's got some really solid talent behind it, but there's been next to nothing released about it so far.
Eventually they collapse with remaining talent going elsewhere to join another active center.
Viewers become talent scouts, hoping to see indications of promise.
Another shift comes from companies' attempts to reconcile their desire to cut costs now with their need for talent later.
Resurrecting these vanished people would demand a blend of scholarship and artistic talent.
Twenty-first century sport is a mix of talent and technology.
The artist seems to be a bit of a scam artist rather than someone with real talent.
In the middle market, doing well requires a bigger dose of brains and talent.
But that doesn't negate his talent for mixing philosophical heft with orbital bombardment.
Such are the difficulties of spotting talent in opposition.
He grew up in a musical family and showed early signs of talent.
Singer's work and the story of the discovery of his extraordinary talent is inspiring.
Bring us a cold, sweaty canteen of talent when we're thirsty in the desert of taste.
Part of this had to do with his preternatural talent.
Talent ran for her life with only the clothes on her back.
Her versatility and talent enables her to sing many styles of music, and her stage presence makes her the complete entertainer.
Traditionally used for wrapping gifts or taping broken spectacles back together, it has another amazing talent.
Or maybe they had enough talent to shine in any light.
He has a special talent for creating artwork that looks as if it belongs in an earlier era.
Choose a partner who shares an interest in your topic but who also brings another talent to the table.
But it is not the application of talent or technology that brings the joy of photography to me.
With all his talent as a wordsmith, he was also a gifted cartoonist.
They're missing the true nature of skill and talent.
Having the music in the background would take away from the singer's talent in these dolls.
His is a profession in which success should depend on talent alone.
He started to panic that he'd lose the melody and be haunted by it forever and his talent would be gone.
Major league athletes are rewarded for talent, toughness, and single-minded dedication.
Chimps display a remarkable range of behavior and talent.
Its secret talent is to remain liquid at room temperature but gel at body temp.
The voice talent is great, if a bit airy, and the audio track is peppered with sound effects that add depth to the story.
With age, then, comes a special talent in using emotion.
Our talent for unconscious entrainment lies at the core of dance, a confluence of movement, rhythm and gestural representation.
He was a math whiz before showing any artistic talent.
It is happy for you that you possess the talent of pleasing with delicacy.
They essayed the same tasks, they sang the same tunes, each in accord with his own talent.
The dramatic quality of his talent is manifest in many of his tales, of which some were adapted by the author for the stage.
But he was in deadly earnest about his task and had a remarkable talent for observation.
Its verse is by no means of equal value, and some of it was experimental work by persons of no special poetic talent.
Home seems to have a beautiful talent for painting genuine nature and the manners of his country.
In this stage the poetic art admitted no aristocracy of talent.
It is the delight of vulgar talent to dazzle and to blind the beholder.
Generally speaking there is more wit than talent in this world.
We sometimes see a fool possessed of talent, but never of judgment.
Now a new talent has taken over, in a redesigned space.
He's the kind of talent that will make people forget his shortcomings as a human being.
What you need is a talent for organization and plenty of space in your refrigerator.
The supply culture defines and nurtures musical talent, and the demand culture connects that talent to a paying audience.
Obviously the need for it there was coupled with the talent to produce it and a favorable audience to receive it.
Despite his age and declining skills, he's a good individual talent and still usually the best player on the floor.
It is regarding yourself as the servant of talent, rather than the talent whom others must serve.
The companies, in turn, will start funding research at universities and going after talent that is developed.
Public colleges and universities are now girding themselves to win this war for tenured talent.
In other words, for developing and nurturing the diverse talent that can result from an ethos of coloring outside the lines.
Perseverance is much more important than innate talent.
The argument about trying to obtain the best talent worldwide tends to fall in the face of these kinds of arguments.
For those colleges that are hiring, presidents reported that the talent pool had never been better.
He discovered that he had some talent for organization and administration, as well as a fondness of university life.
They are only managing to a metric, which is bodies in chair, not attracting and retaining the best talent globally.
Yet even as many people face a job famine, a minority is benefiting from an intensifying war for talent.
Even in these difficult economic times talent is in short supply and the world's leading companies are competing fiercely for it.
Companies that fish in only half of the talent pool will lose out to those that cast their net more widely.
Unlike music or math, where precocious displays of talent are not uncommon, photography tends not to have prodigies.
Ian had heroes whose work and talent he hugely admired.
His was a talent which could only have worked in a seller's market.
She was set up from time to time in small restaurants which she ran without any talent and failed in quickly.
Articulacy is typically regarded as an aggressive talent.
But the infusion of medical talent was a response to natural disaster, war, and the famine and disease that these caused.
Insects are famously sensitive to their own chemical mating cues, yet the talent may be too specific.
What's in critically short supply are the ideas and determination to use that talent wisely.
Each industry sector has specialized talent, but the conglomerates lack a common language or vision to unify them.
MS should take a look at how the game is played and put their talent to work on it.
With this has also come an increasingly high demand for new talent, faster than the industry can keep up.
There's nothing worse in the world than having the dream, the desire, the drive but having no talent whatsoever.
And they will get you a long way in life-particularly in the absence of looks or talent.
Weir's cheeky air-head routine belies his eminent talent.
Talent doesn't guarantee a championship, but it sure does increase the odds.
In the past five years, a new generation of technology and talent has emerged to resuscitate the giant-impact theory.
Many also have remarkably good memories, and some have an unusual talent with jigsaw puzzles.
Early on, he showed a preternatural talent for visualizing complex geometric shapes.
The leech's peculiar talent is to create a wound that bleeds for hours.
It's not talent that's rare, it's environments where talent can flourish.
It's a window into an ungodly amount of computation and engineering innovation and talent.
Practice may make perfect, but perfection may be a goal to which you aspire only if you have initial talent or inclination.
Yeah, music and math talent overlap the same areas of the brain.
But they're looking for more artists, so if you have the talent, you might want to contact them.
Identifying a plant from the inside out is an estimable talent.
To explain such a complex matter in a few minutes requires some talent.
Or maybe they really wanted to learn but don't have any talent.
Thank you for making me feel completely without talent.
The technologies are known, mature, and there is a talent pool of people who can perform the work.
But, the real point here is to believe in yourself and your talent and to not give up.
Would suggest springing for some pro talent for the narration.
So all of those with truly exceptional levels of talent make it to the big show.
In fact, mockery is a form of comedy, and this requires some real talent.
It's about talent, served by commensurate desire and concentration-and joy.
Her talent allowed her to subvert convention and redefine beauty.
Building a pair of dream rosters is the great general-manager fantasy, a test of his skills as an evaluator of talent.
Tobin has a talent for writing but clearly not for living.
But exceptional talent is not at the mercy of fashion.

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