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The story of reading's development is a complex tale of equal parts human invention and neural plasticity.
But it holds this remarkable tale that should be a larger part of our shared national story.
Often the story that gets back around to the original story-teller does not resemble the original tale.
His story could be taken as a cautionary tale about selling out-or about not selling out quite enough.
The structure of the story was always that of a fairy tale.
Unfortunately, this insane story isn't a tale from a science-fiction novel.
At first glance, the book is a whimsical tale featuring dogs on roller skates and bicycles and skis.
So, now he is pressing on with another unusually told tale.
Here's a strange tale of two previously unrelated food products.
The book is part memoir and part cautionary tale about trying to change a culture.
Fine, buy different colored dolls and read stories about different colored fairy tale characters.
It's a great tale of you blowing out the door of your oven in the name, of course, of research for your book and making pizza.
There's the old tale of injured bears slapping mud on their wounds.
Tell me a tale about animals who really are people and make a princess mad.
Tell me a tale about animals who really are people and make a sister sad.
Tell me a tale about a wicked stepmother who has.
His voice turns gravelly as bawdy humor infuses the colorful tale of a salty dog long married to the sea and its adventures.
However, people died and publishers have capitalized on the harrowing tale.
So, the fairy tale attained print, and tradition became literature.
No tale was too gross or monstrous for his capacious swallow.
After this gruesome tale the easing of the siege comes as an anticlimax.
It was as if they swam straight from the pages of a fairy-tale.
But it can also be seductive, causing leaps of logic that end up telling the wrong tale.
To me, an unexplained coincidence can be a tell-tale sign of a gap in our scientific understanding.
The fees for this advice are no fairy tale-some play out to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
He wasn't consciously lying, which is why he spoke with conviction, but that still doesn't mean you should swallow his tale.
There are those who see modern history as an enthralling tale of progress, and those who view it as one long nightmare.
But the poem offers the darkness of tale and myth, as well.
The tale of two toxicologists ends tragically for one, happily for the other.
Contrary to many an old tale, camels don't store all that water in their humps.
Our leaders' failure to learn from history is a cautionary tale.
How this mask attained treasure status in the first place is a tale of another sort.
Hopefully, they acknowledge the limits of her tale-and how much the adult industry has changed.
Here's a tale of two equations that represent human exchange.
Color photography that's supposed to evoke fairy-tale mysticism that looks closer to muddy brown.
My point is that the comments are supposed to be related to the main article, not some fairy tale that you've spun up.
It's a cautionary tale for us to carefully consider.
There is one more cautionary footnote to the tale of the new pain drugs.
Yet the movie is not some conventionally priggish tale of youthful innocence corrupted by riches.
Different features of a fairy tale may be centrally important to different readers.
From our resident labor humorists, an elf's tale of a certain jolly-and highly oppressive, morbidly rotund one percent.
Fairy-tale imagery seems to be a huge part of the aesthetic.
To make the tale even more dizzying, some snakes then went back into the water, becoming today's sea snakes.
Variants abound, but the basic tale revolves around an unusually talkative scorpion that asks a turtle for a lift across a river.
Their tale of slow, steady recovery reflects the changing landscape of autism today.
Finally, please don't dismiss evolution as a fairy tale.
Each of those objects has a tale to tell that is as lively as those that the nine-call it eight-planets have told so well.

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My tale is of a cock, as ye may hear, That took his counsel of his wife, with sorrow, To walken in the yard... more
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