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When other alternative pesticides must be used, spot treatments take place spraying only the affected plant or area.
Regarding the tradition of a wake: they typically take place in a church or funeral home in my experience.
Of course no film can take place in the absolute present because the medium is by necessity recorded.
As pollen arrives at another flower, the shell relaxes and unfolds, allowing fertilization to take place.
The silence may take place without the listener being aware of it.
Courts have ruled that such laptop searches can take place even in the absence of any reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.
And it wouldn't necessarily take place in big, faraway factories.
The firefights that take place there aren't all that different either.
Changes also take place in the shape and position of the stomach.
They say conversions often take place in consequence.
Of course these changes did not take place all at once.
We had no intention of getting left, and prepared at once for the scramble which was evidently about to take place.
No communication will take place, you observe, between the water in the bottles and the ice in the outer vessel.
Cheese is kept for a longer or shorter time, according to the kind, that fermentation or decomposition may take place.
The tragedy will not take place until nearly a fortnight later.
When the production of fungoid growths is prevented by means of an antiseptic, the inversion of sugar does not take place.
The communications which thus take place form what is called a plexus.
The gratification does not take place, and the want continues.
Of course, it was never clear exactly what it was that would be seen, and when the seeing would take place.
And sessions that helped demystify the process did take place.
In many disciplines, job contacts and some preliminary interviews take place at conferences.
Interruptions take place that always wreak havoc with my schedule.
It is at this point that the real learning may take place.
Make sure you know exactly when and where your interview is scheduled to take place.
Stay connected with peers as you move through the journey so that you can share and discuss your experiences as they take place.
If there's not enough interest, that session doesn't take place.
Still, few students were engaged in projects that take place off-campus.
They are the primary source of operational support for all the vital activities that take place on a college campus.
It's odd not to have them, because that means you're not going to conferences where all the good discussions take place.
Such events should take place within the confines of university seminar rooms or teleconferencing sites.
Demolition of one of the college's old dormitory buildings is scheduled to take place next summer.
It's far more effective for the meat of the discussion to take place before the meeting so that people have time to think.
If such a test were to take place it would, regardless of how successful it was, cause a stir around the world.
It is impossible to remember everything, so a process of winnowing must take place somehow.
The technology of the information age is radically changing the way in which such processes take place.
Leveraged buy-outs usually take place in stable industries.
Yet that is the best reason for urging such a discussion to take place.
But though civil weddings are not permitted at home, the government does recognise those that take place abroad.
The company had only recently insisted that the flight would take place by the end of the month.
All this will take place against a background of yet another year of solid overall growth.
He also discounts several explanations that rely on conventional physical changes that might take place during an eclipse.
Similar business swaps are supposed to take place among other conglomerates.
But what the model does suggest, which is not self-evident, is how rapidly such a decline might take place.
It is seen as a mechanism for pairing people with jobs in which matching cannot take place instantaneously.
The second breakthrough has been to get the combustion process to take place under extremely lean conditions.
He began to speak with them about the mysteries beyond the world and what would take place at the end.
First, the events of history take place within geographic contexts.
The decisive moment didn't take place in the main cluster of bees, but out at the boxes, where scouts were building up.
Events take place throughout the park, so check the program schedule beforehand.
But outside the few villages where the hunts take place, conservationists say dolphin meat is not eaten.
They may take place once or twice a week, every morning, or late in the evening.
Tell them that while these areas contain many unexplored regions, the biggest discoveries will likely take place in the oceans.
The article spotlights several areas weak spots in the levee system, where future flooding could take place.
Introduce the idea of life on a river by asking students to list stories that take place on a river.
In these fast-paced times, traditional pilgrimages to sacred sites continue to take place.
Further research is scheduled to take place over the summer.
Visits to friends and family take place during this celebration.
For decomposition to take place, microorganisms must be present to break down the materials.
Uranium mining would take place outside park boundaries-but only on the surface.
Shows, with synchronized music and lights, take place four times daily.
As more rabies-susceptible animals congregate in the region, more infections can take place.
Whether a large-scale tree-planting program will ever take place, though, is uncertain.
The remote tracking offered an unprecedented view of the scale across which elephant social interactions take place.
These loopholes and general confusion allowed uncontrolled logging and export to take place.
Although the rescue center is open year-round, habitat protection and public awareness campaigns take place during the summer.
The ruling overturns a lower-court finding that cremations must take place inside a building with a wall and roof.
Many of the world's largest earthquakes take place at subduction zones where tectonic plates collide, forcing one under the other.
In explanation, the researchers note that task switching seems to take place in two stages: goal shifting and rule activation.
The necessary regulation could take place at the genetic level.
The enzymatic and other biochemical reactions that take place in the body take place in the water environment.
We know that what our eyes see goes through the amygdala before any cognitive machinations take place.
If the polarity and frequency is compatible, the exchange and/or transfer take place.
Perhaps this is all a prelude to the reversal of polarity that is known to take place.
Also, notice the section of the article that referred to the importance of how quickly the changes take place.
In order to harness this energy, a controlled chain reaction is required for fission to take place.
It is likely that these processes take place in the subglacial environment and create a functioning microbial ecosystem.
By not recognizing this difference, the author does a disservice to the discussion that needs to take place.
In fact, it should accomplish a more rapid explosion over the multi-generational span in which this evolution will take place.
Clearly, if some processes require heat, others must give off heat when they take place.
No one knows how many poetry readings take place each year, but surely the total must run into the tens of thousands.
Most transactions take place in five- and ten-dinar notes, the equivalent of thirty-three and sixty-six cents.
The newly announced visit is scheduled to take place at the end of next week.
But if a second lien is in place, then it should take place ahead of that new mortgage.
Anna's chamberlain suggested that the ceremony take place in a palace made of ice.
In fact, successful hot-pursuit investigations of disease clusters take place almost every day.
In an election that will take place largely on television, such trifles cannot be dismissed.
The government, she said, had said yes-a groundbreaking ceremony would take place in three weeks.
Vibrating cell membranes move mere nanometers at a time, and those movements take place in microseconds--millionths of a second.
In the new design, the reactions all take place near the reactor's center instead of starting at one end and moving to the other.
Many bioengineering applications of natural products take place long after the basic science discovery of the product itself.
But one has to wonder how this set up will take place.
Once scientists find a way to get the antibodies inside the cells, then a real breakthrough can take place.
Problems that take place early in trials can often be corrected.
Who will be bring this to the market, and when might this take place.
If you look under the table upon which these transactions take place you will see a twelve volt car battery.
In the future, the distribution of electricity will take place on a world wide power grid making sunsets irrelevant.
But refining methanol is still a complex process involving many steps, each of which must take place at a particular temperature.
With some technologies, both scaling and innovation take place overseas.
They point out, for example, that this crystallization process doesn't take place entirely in the present.
But they also say it provides a platform on which more complex cognitive tasks can take place relatively easily.
Of course, the fight over the placenta doesn't exactly take place out in the open.
Human bodies are imperfect machines in which a range of biology can take place.
But rarely have they watched one take place before their eyes.
Nor did the splicing of the cable take place after the two ships had laid their shares of the cable from opposite shores.
None of this can take place, however, if silica or large amounts of iron are present.
Two people moving relative to each other can even disagree on the order in which two events take place.
Recording sessions can now take place continents away, simultaneously.
Procedures now take place only in sophisticated operating theaters, not in motel rooms or in the back rooms of county hospitals.
If this is approved, the switch should take place in the middle of next week.
Other adaptations take place in the tissues themselves.
The recovery, which was scheduled to take place this summer, has been delayed because the government lacks the funding.
It will take place this fall on national television.
But reasoning comes later, works slower-and even then, it doesn't take place in an emotional vacuum.
Biologists, meanwhile, say there is sufficient light at these vents for photosynthesis to take place.
These gastronomic rehearsals take place behind the scenes.
In both chimps and humans, half of these shifts take place within the first year of life.
However engine firings planned beyond the range of ground stations did not take place.
And that was all supposed to take place seven years ago.
There isn't even any interaction of any kind that can possibly take place, even in principle.
Without that a high level of anxiety can prevent any cognitive work that may take place.
The only riots that take place at my store involve asparagus stalks.
The editor said that he would not meet with the lawyer, and the get-together did not take place.
Political progress cannot take place unless you have the fundamental elements of a security situation.
In the event your request is not received in time, the change to your account will take place on your next billing cycle.
They are the heirs, the inheritors, of a vital change which began to take place in historical study at the turn of this century.
Scary things could still be imagined to take place in those woods.
But these phenomena can also take place on less exalted levels.
Much will depend on the willingness of the military to allow an open political process to take place.
Where elections take place, they likely will prompt confusion, as groups with uncertain political experience compete.
The press tends to pounce on the big scandals but usually fails to cover the more common ones that take place every day.
And history tells us what will happen if those reforms don't take place.
The action has either taken place in the past or will take place in the future.
On the other hand the random disruptions of regulatory genes of the recipient that may take place are totally uncontrolled.
What is worthwhile is to try to orient it in a hopeful direction, for it could take place in two diametrically opposed ways.
At these times all kinds of random discussions would take place.
Thus fewer and fewer wars take place these days across borders, and more and more take place within them.
And above all, this is our guilt for allowing such atrocity to take place.
The card instructed guests to phone a special number to find out where the supersecret event would take place.
They much prefer security measures that take place on the ground.
All credit card transactions take place through a secure website for your safety.

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