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Take off the grill and place filets in a shallow pan skin side down.
At the sound of the first shot, the dogs take off toward the seals in a furious surge of energy.
Petty thieves are hanged, people take off their hats to great ones.
Take off outside leaves, cut in quarters, and remove tough stalk.
Others would take off their coats and look for a job, no matter what it might be.
Remove from oven, and with a small knife take off shells.
Fanning went to bed with his clothes on, so sick he couldn't take off his boots.
Carefully take off spun sugar as soon as formed, and shape in nests, or pile lightly on a cold dish.
They would also take off the signals of the enemy and transmit them.
The dancers slap their thighs and take off into the air.
Then take off running as fast as you can, screaming at the top of your lungs.
In the intramural flash floods, coffins go out of their crypts and take off down the street.
Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes.
Then they have to take off the telescope, write notes, and then go back to the board and try and catch up with the lecture.
Some people do take off and work full time after courses and comps are completed and the thesis is in progress.
We had to take off our shoes and put them through a scanner.
Do not take off for weekends, vacations, or anything.
And then they are made to take off their clothes and pose in their underwear on national television.
Outside of literary fiction, though, the actual process of change didn't take off until a couple of decades later.
No, to make natural gas take off, both sides will need a degree of certainty.
Thanksgiving sales won't tell us whether the economy is about to take off.
Needless to say, having safely landed on a public roadway, it was probably not the best decision to try to take off again.
Also the difference between take off weight and landing weight should be dramatic.
If a startup could raise unlimited venture capital and generate sufficient market excitement, your product vision could take off.
Historically speaking, when the military takes up a technology, it tends to take off fairly quickly.
The quack, err, scientist who conducted those studies is up on fraud charges and for trying to take off with a couple of million.
Airlines lose money every time they take off with empty seats, and there are plenty of them these days.
Their idea didn't immediately take off because the technology to read bar codes wasn't available.
When faced with danger, they don't run to hide under cliffs but instead take off across the rolling hills.
Some birds take flight immediately, while others land in the salty waters and take off from there.
Birds, butterflies, and beasts take off on epic migrations.
It was going to be difficult to get up enough speed to take off.
When a green net rises, the jockeys leap out of the way and the camels take off.
The moment they feel the lines hitched to the sled, they take off.
At that price solar could compete with utilities and might take off.
Wait until sunset to watch them take off over the harbor.
Watch the planes land and take off through binoculars and hear audio from the control tower.
Digital textbooks have been struggling to take off for nearly a decade.
The spacecraft can theoretically take off and land from any airport.
They are even trying to mimic insects, by making robots that take off when they flap their wings.
Foreign businesses, meanwhile, are worried about how the government might respond if inflation does take off.
So the idea of making crooks, especially white-collar ones, pay their way could take off.
Ultralights' slow flight speeds, and the short distance they need to take off and land, means that they can get close to animals.
Flexibility could prove vital if energy-harvesting technology is to take off.
Unless the station owns the batteries and vehicles are sold without one this will never take off.
Moreover, that little thing seemed to take off almost instantly.
Build take off lanes with takeoff ramps from highways.
If that can happen the industry would take off in a big way.
Maybe computers can take off in a different direction, with a different intelligence that is more predictable and more peaceful.
Come the winter, these survivors take off for hibernation roosts.
However nothing is infinite and if electric cars really take off, well, the car market is pretty big.
All you take off that potato is a thin layer of skin.
He wouldn't take off the jacket the whole day, wearing a serious face the whole time he composed his text.
They continue to add adult channels for profit only yet they take off family programming.
Take off going forward from the edge of one skate while using the other leg to leap from the ice.

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