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But because he's a mile high, dried beans take up to four hours to simmer until tender.
If you remember from this previous post, it can take up to two years to see any morel fruit.
If you don't have a lot of square footage for your garden, experiment with plants that don't take up a lot of space.
Witch hazel seeds commonly take up to two years to germinate, then even then grow slowly and unpredictably.
In the flight control room, operators instructed the drone to take up the chase.
Bison-backed dinosaurs would have been obligated to take up a different posture to handle all that extra bulk.
The coffee plants, which can take up to four years to produce their first harvest, are a mix of three varieties of arabica.
Their underbellies take on a yellowish hue from the millions of microorganisms that take up residence in their skin.
For example, they would need to decide where to place their feet and which route to take up the mountain.
Any of the really small tabletop tripods will do the trick and don't take up much space in your bag.
The charts should take up an entire page, as they'll need to leave plenty of room to write.
These smaller pieces will speed up the composting process and take up less space.
It can take up to a year of daily interaction for an eagle to recognize its owner's calls and signals.
Usually made of unfinished wood, these racks take up little space in use and they fold flat for storage.
Researchers have known for years that plants take up metals.
Whether anybody dares take up the offer without the permission of the paramilitaries is another matter.
The hazard for journalists who take up writing books on current events is that events quickly supersede their books.
When construction, exports and investment plunged, nothing could take up the slack.
It would be better for other countries' consumers to take up the slack.
The gas can be compressed to take up less space, but that can be dangerous.
In principle a big discount does not matter to shareholders if they all take up the rights to new shares in full.
In the second year students take up to ten electives.
The championship cycle used to take up to three years.
Nonetheless, the initial take up has been promising.
Cases often take up to six years to be resolved, so many mistreated investors do not pursue their complaints.
Masts and their pivoting sails take up valuable container space on the deck.
The test is crude, imprecise and can take up to three days to deliver results.
The investigators are interested in how many take up the offer, why, and how participants respond to their results.
There is obviously a lot more to be said here, but don't let me take up more of your time.
These parasitic caterpillars take up residence in the nests of red ants.
Bio-fuel from food processing scraps doesn't take up farm land.
There it tracks electrical activity in a process that can take up to an hour.
The investigators are interested in how many take up the offer and why and how participants respond to their results.
Crab lice can take up residence in the eyelashes, where they produce a crusty deposit and red, itchy eyes.
Many scientists, astronauts and writers have credited him with inspiring them to take up their own careers.
Another might be to get the courts to take up non-tenure and non-renewal cases, which they currently have been loath to do.
Flour handle of wooden spoon and make a deep crease in middle of each biscuit, take up, and press edges together.
Take up each fillet separately with a fork, dip in butter, roll and fasten with a small wooden skewer.
He must therefore take up this pressure by means of his legs if he does not wish to be laid out full length on the floor.
Upon these resolutions, to work they go, and with thankful acknowledgment readily take up all lawful means as they come to hand.
Educational apps for kids take up a huge piece of the market.
For a campus tight on space, the benefit is that those students don't take up any more physical room.
Lots of people have decided to take up running as a way to lose a bit of weight and get into better shape.
Because of so many unsolicited submissions, a response may take up to a week.
For those who speak languages that take up a lot of room, many creative abbreviating systems have sprung up.
He politely promises to respond within three days, although he can take up to a week during heavy donation months.
He is hunched down, seated on the margins of the meeting, seemingly trying not to take up space.
Approval for that could take up to four months in a low-income setting.
It can take up to thirty minutes from this point for the change to be made to your account.
So take up your jocular quills, wordsmiths, and pen twenty-six words designed to make us smile at your ingenuity.
But stating ranges on food labels would take up too much space and did not seem particularly helpful.
It's a way to take up more space in the world by believing in something bigger than yourself.
But publishers have been slow to take up new technologies that might help authors.
What can be said simply must be re-written to obfuscate meaning and take up additional space.
Dredges known as dustpans would take up sediment by the millions of tons.
It won't take up the better part of a wall or crowd a comfort- able chair into an uncomfortable corner.
The intensity of his visual experiences led him to take up draw- ing and painting.
He didn't have enough money even to take up the option, so he went out and borrowed it.
When politicians take up their pens, the results aren't always so great.
So it might take up space, but it's still smaller than the power generating stations that it might replace.
But these tracking systems don't work in high winds, add cost, and take up space that could be occupied by other solar panels.
For now, such batteries aren't needed--there's enough power from conventional sources to take up the slack.
Each layer must be separated by supporting materials that take up space in the battery but don't store any energy.
Crystal resonators take up areas of millimeters squared, while control electronics occupy square micrometers, she says.
Land usage for nuclear is often overlooked, while solar rooftop or parking lot solar need not take up any new land.
Sur says that astrocytes likely take up neurotransmitters released into synapses and cause nearby capillaries to dilate.
And however much other media take up the slack what is lost is the contemplative register.
May as well add a keyboard to the inside of the cover too, to not take up screen space, plus it can be more reliable for typing.
Also, depending on the amperage of the circuit, charging could take up to six hours.
These alternative energy schemes all work better when they are stationary, and can take up a lot of space and weight.
Milkweed plants engage in a helpful bit of mutualism with the aphids and ants who take up residence on them.
The percentage of space devoted to cognition dwarfs that of humans, whose brains take up two to three percent of the body.
If one wishes others to drop their beliefs and take up yours you are going about the wrong way.
In the conventional method, the virus is grown in fertilized hens' eggs, which can take up to six months.
Other animals take up the parasite, which makes its way into their tissues, especially the brain.
If you've ever looked inside a laptop, you know that power supplies take up far more room than anything else.
Using frog eggs to take up the squid genes and make the channels, they were able to measure action potentials and nerve activity.
Without its convolutions, the cortex would take up three times the area it does in its wrinkled state.
It may take up to three months to develop thicker, longer and darker lashes.
Those that do take up these subjects tend to get lower grades during university courses.
But other companies and countries appear eager to take up the challenge as well.
Virtual realities take up time, energy, and space-and a given reality has limited supplies of those things.
Their daughters, the workers, take up the task of caring for their new siblings to the exclusion of their own reproduction.
It may take up to three seconds longer to complete a transaction that involves pennies.
Malignant tumor cells show up brighter in the picture because they are more active and take up more glucose than normal cells do.
Goldman does not take up these questions, but she has written a history whose solidity and detail in effect answer them.
The court's decision has no value as a precedent, because it is merely a decision not to take up the case on its merits.
Renouncing modernity, they take up some characteristic expressions of modernity.
Such specialist views are for scholars themselves to take up.
His lovers he keeps, but as friends-friends take up no space.
So let me take up every substantive point in his letter.
Hot-water systems take up less room because the water circulates in small diameter pipes.
Guys have way more permission to take up space in every sense of that phrase.

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