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Boards need to take responsibility to create a culture that serves to check risk effectively.
More students seek counseling and take psychiatric medication.
In the digital age it is daft to take months or even years to get a book to market.
One solution to this learning challenge is to turn the task into a game in which students take charge of their own learning.
What to do if your mattress company does not take your old mattress with them when you buy a new one.
While you can take a basic guided tour of the peninsula, my self-guided tour makes it unnecessary.
Take full advantage of scenic views in a hillside backyard.
The overwhelming majority of recreational golfers do not take lessons.
Take the high road in all discussions with prospective employers, and you should be able to land on your feet.
Their underbellies take on a yellowish hue from the millions of microorganisms that take up residence in their skin.
Yes, it's going to take up time, which is a rare and precious commodity to the average scientist.
Three or four times a day, they would take the water's temperature and record it on a chart.
Also called simple layering, ground layering is an easy way to produce a few new plants, though it may take as long as a year.
Which method will generate the best price for the seller depends on how many bidders take part and how well informed they are.
Take a look and see what story they were trying to tell.
Because researchers have found that people who take dietary supplements may make less healthful choices.
Then he would return to take us back to camp, pick up the ice core boxes and head back to the hangar.
The trails will take you through mossy forests to stunning, venerable arboreal giants.
Don't make any sudden movements and if possible, take shelter.
So please take any condescending pity where it may be desired.
Next you're off to explore the rain forest, where you take a dip in a creek and climb a tower into the canopy.
Please take a few minutes to review our privacy policy.
Of course, whatever outfit is chosen to take this on will have to wrestle with the universe's daunting duo-time and distance.
Regulators cannot take investor sentiment for granted.
US officials have urged a wider evacuation area and warn that it could take weeks to get the crisis under control.
Another reason to take advantage of that morning visit.
It didn't take long for the settlers' early dreams to evaporate.
To increase your supply of plants, take root cuttings in fall.
These jellyfish raise algae inside their belly, giving them a food source that they take along as they float through the oceans.
Today's tender turkeys take much less time to cook than tougher birds of yore.
Combine your errands, car pool to work, or take public transportation to reduce both your energy and water use.
Take a three-day weekend or day trip to explore the park.
Any of the really small tabletop tripods will do the trick and don't take up much space in your bag.
Many patients don't take all their medicines, and even many first-time prescriptions are never filled.
Gallaudet's career counselors strongly encourage students to take internships in hearing environments.
The lines below connect raters to each of the measures they take into account.
If you get malaria, you take medicine, and you get better.
One complaint from a student, parent, or politician is all it may take.
If businesspeople should take art more seriously, artists too should take business more seriously.
These people are evolutionists-they take the past seriously.
It seems almost impossible to argue that you shouldn't take on outside work as a consultant.
Some have no doubt been forced to take up the temping life after being downsized in the recession.
Medical science is always learning more about how much a body can take.
So if the pay is similar, and you can get more diss work done, take the writing job.
He wanted to take this great scholarly complex to the people.
But take a second glance, because these dishes have many virtues.
Creative ways to learn, take action and participate.
The wonder is that they do take on the added burden and seem to be doing a much better job at it.
Nature has had a billion years of more to fine tune these systems, and it makes total sense to take a look at them.
It might take me a couple of days to do what the present rovers have done in several years, mostly because of the walking time.
Some scientists take the position that dreaming probably has no function.
People take on different character traits depending on which language they are using.
It can take a long time to clean up from natural disasters.
These wraps take little work and are a great travel or on-the-go item.
Some dreams feel so revelatory-if only returning to sleep would take us back there.
When trees are freshly painted with their burnished fall hues, take advantage of their splendor.
Most patios take time, and days of effort, to build.
Each of our recipes gives you the option to take it easy and use cooked crabs, or to take the plunge and cook them yourself.
Take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves.
Take time for deliberation, haste spoils everything.
He glanced toward the open grated door, thence across the flagging to the other door, and tried to take a step.
Take each piece separately in hands and twist from ends in opposite directions, coil and bring ends together at top of cake.
It is clearly unaffordable for the cash-strapped government that must one day take charge of it.
Remember that you don't dive to take pictures, you dive because you want to enjoy being immersed in an alternate universe.
Use the opportunity to inspire youngsters to take care of the world.
If human actions contribute to global warming, then people can take steps to help stop it.
Curious insects are tempted to come close and take a sip, then slide down the slippery slope to their deaths.
And as for vacations, people may have two weeks or a week on paper, but many don't take it.
Put this story down for a moment and take a look at the undergraduates around your desk, outside your office, or out on the quad.
Nothing much, which is characteristic among pols who take his traditionalist position.
Related tendencies showed up when people were asked to take pictures of other people.
The school fired her, citing her allegedly insubordinate and disruptive behavior and her threat to take legal action.
Doesn't matter, you take your turn at the plate and try harder.
But the vets themselves take solace in the act of being useful.
There's no viable positive stance to take on her live work.
When they get outside the gate, they stop, and look first one way and then the other: not knowing which to take.
You'll get no kick from cocaine if you take this new vaccine.
But now a tireless, efficient bot will take on the task.
Scientists take their information from wherever they find it--even from a craggy brown edifice of excrement.
Take your hands off the bicycle handlebars and your bike won't notice.
Something had to come along and take advantage of all that carrion.
Limitless is one of the first movies to directly take on the idea of pharmaceutical enhancement.
The percentage of space devoted to cognition dwarfs that of humans, whose brains take up two to three percent of the body.
Take a piece of paper and crumple it into as small a ball as you can.
Some pulsars spin hundreds of times per second, some take several seconds to spin once.
Now before you stress out about being stressed out, take a deep breath and keep reading.
Everyone would help themselves after the ceremony and also take some cookies home as party favors.
Preparing a basket of fragrant homemade rolls doesn't have to take all day.
Mint is such a common backyard herb that it's easy to take it for granted.
Take the other half in a completely different direction with these easy refrigerator pickles.
Take the rest of the bunch in a sweet direction in this lush ice cream, which sings with the herb's unique tart flavor.
But it took a chunk of change to make everybody else sit up and take notice.
After you the sizzling starts to slow down in the oven, take a peek.
Veterinarians take care of sick and injured animals.
We take pride in building and tweaking the ultimate gaming rig even when it isn't anywhere close.
It features only two buttons: one to turn the device on or off, and one to take a photo.
Most software programs are made up of instructions that tell a computer to take a series of actions in a certain order.
Current methods of diagnosing an infectious disease can take days to weeks.
They cannot take the capital, let alone recapture the country.
They could recognize that they have reached the end of the road and take a radically different approach.
Then peddle the stuff to as many papers as will take it.
Later pieces take the form of more personal reflections on the writing process, memories, and character studies.
Regulators must also take into account credit conditions because money and credit do not move in lockstep.
The seriousness of this event prompts us to urge you to take immediate action.
If you get past the door, and many don't, the first thing your waiter does is take your coat.
When booking the appointment, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time, as this decadent experience will take almost three hours.
After it was all over he realized he'd gotten the money shot on the first take.

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