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There is a growing opportunity for tactile scholarship.
Listening to music involves not only hearing but also visual, tactile and emotional experiences.
The tactile pleasure the interface provides beyond its utility quickly brought it accolades.
So rather than improving grip, they may improve one's tactile sense.
They argue that this and subsequent research have shown that sound can modulate visual perception and tactile stimuli.
Body, temperature, and astringency are coffee's tactile markers.
Touch each object you want to touch as if tomorrow your tactile sense would fail.
Perhaps its members are attracted by vinyl's enjoyably tactile elements, such as the liner notes.
The cinematography is so tactile that even a scraggly building has the power to move us with its purchase on our attention.
Microfiber suede seat inserts are optional and improve tactile feel, as well as add additional support.
It makes tasks such as scrolling and typing feel more tactile.
It has more tactile nerve endings than any part of the body other than the lips.
Tactile arousal threshold of sleeping king penguins in a breeding colony.
He controls his four prosthetic limbs with his thoughts, and they in turn send tactile information straight to his brain.
So had areas that processed tactile information, suggesting the animal had an acute sense of touch.
He is tactile defensive and has difficulty reading social cues.
Elbow pads, knee pads, and work gloves shielded them from tactile clues.
All organisms that are ambulatory have tactile senses of which pain is one of the more intense one.
The three hardware buttons don't depress, but each provides a little buzz of tactile feedback.
Make no mistake, the keyboard itself is wonderfully constructed, and the raised keys provide for great tactile response.
Excellent keyboard provides pleasant tactile response and lots of useful hot-keys.
The tactile feedback helps to a degree, but the keypad layout is still extremely cramped.
People who are born blind seem to develop extraordinary auditory, tactile, and olfactory sensitivities.
There's that incomparable tactile experience of holding rib with fingers and tearing meat off bone with certain teeth resistance.
It should also help in the development of better prosthesis and may even help to give robots a better tactile sense of their own.
The doctors believe her sensations were caused by a failure of the brain to integrate tactile sensations and balance.
But we'll continue to have newspapers in print because people appreciate the way they're organized and the tactile experience.
Living in a tactile world, he didn't see the point in a virtual one.
It was an intellectual, tactile and design experience that ended with me wanting to learn about hand-sewn bindings.
They adore the portability, the tactile nature of the device, and the overall convenience.
Raised tactile surfaces used as detectable warnings.

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