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None of them photographed a general's strategy, or the tactics of a platoon.
But the strategy is so successful that the authors yearned for puzzles whose solutions would require novel tactics.
The argument was at the level of philosophy, not the level of tactics or strategy.
And when you fail, you have to go back and devise a new strategy or try new tactics.
The confusion here rests primarily on the difference between strategy and tactics.
Both were more interested in the strategy of science than in the tactics.
Such tactics have outraged civil libertarians, who say the police have no business selling drugs to the public.
If scare tactics or inappropriate promises are being made, the applicant is denied.
Scientists are using new tools and tactics in the race to discover novel antibiotics.
Sometimes, hybrid sport enthusiasts resort to more desperate tactics.
Humiliated and hopelessly outgunned, a revenge-seeking gamer adopts the tactics of a suicide bomber.
Even though they might not use search consultants, hiring committees can employ their tactics.
Tarantulas use the same scare tactics as hot chilies to avoid being eaten, a new study suggests.
The restrictive tactics have enabled publishers to squeeze more dollars from their subscribers.
Each side's mirror-imaged tactics are meant to break the stalemate.
But poorly trained and under pressure to get results, some have resorted to the same tactics as the criminals.
Add your negotiation tactics to the list by logging in and editing this article.
So far the new, more robust tactics of the villagers have worked.
New airline tactics and so-called innovations make comparing airfares more difficult.
The report details several stages of the industry's litigation tactics.
But its tactics risk uniting many of the social movements against it.
Wolves live and hunt in packs, using sophisticated tactics to bring down prey much larger than they are.
The tactics cards are also an important part of the game, with a number of different types of cards.
It's possible to work out effective countermeasures if your enemy sticks with specific tactics.
His tactics are as diverse as the religious, political, and social groups he works to bring together.
He says that if the patients are determined, no amount of persuasive tactics will change their conviction.
He says he is now pondering legal action, a boycott of the museum, and other tactics to recover the mask.
His wildly time-saving tactics include riding on the wrong side of the road and ignoring red lights.
For starters, telephone calls have slipped in prominence in coaches' arsenal of recruiting tactics.
And they gripe about the clone troopers' aggressive tactics.
Prey-dependent foraging tactics and prey profitability in a marine mammal.
Some default-management tactics have come under fire by the government and by borrowers.
Try not to let yourself be drawn in with such tactics.
Emergency responders, meanwhile, will be asking tough questions about tactics and technology.
Critics questioned the new lot's shady tactics as well as their religious motives.
In fact, all the tactics that the article contrasts to war are familiar elements of warfare.
We also discussed the complications of media coverage that could disclose law enforcement tactics in real time.
What they share is willingness to use the same brutal tactics to achieve their goals.
Unfortunately, such tactics are also employed for malicious purposes.
But the delaying tactics were not entirely unsuccessful.
Their hunting tactics depend on the element of surprise.
These are the tactics of demagogues and rabble-rousers, not scientists.
Such tactics may be making the play-for-pay workers cash in real life, but it's costing them in the game.
Other times, cyber attackers use social-engineering tactics that fool computer users into surrendering important information.
Constant danger and incredible survival tactics define the colorful world of the red-eyed tree frog.
There has been brought only one side of this great industrial question, the method and the tactics.
It now appeared that war was imminent, and he felt that it was his duty to brush up his tactics.
The system of military tactics had undergone a great revolution.
The ball is lighter, the players are faster, the tactics are more complex.
The researchers found that the reindeer employed three different tactics to cool down during their exercise.
Yet from opportunist tactics, some good might still arise.
So rational youngsters are turning to delaying tactics, and sixth-form colleges and universities are seeing a boom in demand.
The result has been a succession of erratic incremental steps, forced by events and largely driven by tactics.
Now new research suggests a potential addition to the list of tactics involved in settling down for a long winter's nap.
The maneuvering yesterday reflects the aggressive negotiating tactics of each side.
There are no immediate cleanup tactics, because there is nothing practical that can be done about it.
At the company's commissaries, a small army employed efficient cooking tactics.
These tactics have the air of desperation about them.
These tactics are not going to improve the credit-card industry's dismal reputation.
He would sit out lucky streaks by opponents by relying on the belief that over time his brainy, measured tactics would prevail.
It defeats normal criticism's tactics of context and comparison.
Some of the core tactics of the redirection are not public, however.
For all of the talk about negotiating tactics, all sides have valid and strongly held views on the issues.
He lusted after the headlines, and hoped strong-arm tactics would coerce settlements.
These weapons, along with development of ambush tactics, significantly affected border interactions.
They require special chemicals, firefighting discipline, and complicated tactics.
With rewards for elite athletes so lucrative, it's unlikely a change in tactics will come anytime soon.
They switch tactics, such as coming in by night rather than by day.
In contrast, some people linked to the skinhead culture are calling for a fundamental shift in tactics.
At last, tactics and organizations had emerged to exploit the possibilities implied by advanced technological functions.
Barrow ends by saying that his work is not intended to revolutionize rowing tactics.
Don't be fooled by the hype and fear-mongering tactics.
For instance, her team adopted painstaking tactics to avoid contamination.
But these tactics probably wouldn't produce cancer in the short term and aren't guaranteed to have any effect at all.
But feints, winks, and oratorical extravagance are the daily tactics of politics.
Neuroscientists are still seeking hormones that inhibit hunger, but they have other tactics as well.
To test eye movements, neurologists resort to some bizarre tactics.
It's likely that many more viruses use the same tactics.
Wild strawberries offer a good example of hitchhiking tactics.
But hopefully fear of reprisal won't scare this teacher or others away from teaching tactics that actually might work.
These are the standard debate tactics of someone who has no actual evidence to fall back on and so resort to name-calling.
The campaign seemed to work, which motivated other cities to try the same tactics.
No talk of conspiracies, cheating, unfair tactics at all and she was in the thick of things on primary night.
They are easily fooled by the tactics of the science of persuasion.
Their tactics are poor because they aren't military types, but civilians without prior training.
Although these tactics are working now, their efficacy in the long run is less clear.
My advantage in calculating tactics had been nullified by the machine.
If the tale is all about the tactics of seduction and pleasure, it's also about the ethics of the game played correctly.
He attended every meeting and, by his personal tactics, managed to transform them into courtroom spectacles.
He's a tactics geek and has been known to sequester himself while studying hoarded game video.
Some of the nation's largest businesses are fighting back against these new tactics.
It seems to me that those on the left who oppose these tactics should be voicing their opposition loudly.
There are detailed accounts of the interrogation sessions that describe the tactics and motivations of the gators.
He took full advantage of his office to set an agenda, mobilize the public behind it and chide the opposition for its tactics.
Reveal those tactics to the public because then the public can well, this is where it gets dodgy.
The games they played and the tactics they employed are seen as inhumane, illegal, and downright evil.
And they've changed, they've adapted, they've changed tactics.
There's barely a political operative in the state who didn't either work with him or go to school on his tactics.
It was impulsive-he was a bit shy-no lunging wolf tactics.
These were not the sort of tactics that built confidence.
Although her tactics were often surprisingly cunning and cautious, she always adhered to these principles.
The atmosphere inside the cell blocks is increasingly tense, exacerbated by repressive tactics and mutual incomprehension.
But with good ideas and savvy tactics, you can still achieve your retirement goals.
Your tactics are the types of communications tools you will use to connect with your audience.
And instead of sneaking up on his enemies using stealth tactics, he sneaks away from them.

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