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They can goad us into tactical errors and strategic blunders.
As well as these tactical benefits, suicide terrorism offers a strategic one.
But although robots have clear tactical advantages, they carry a heavy strategic price.
These tactical nuclear weapons are much more dangerous than strategic ones since they are more likely to be used.
Such tactical advances are being joined by a more strategic use of ethnography.
Given that human society is complex, it's not clear that tactical efficacy implies strategic efficacy.
He is a deliberate strategic thinker-ham-fisted at times, but also capable of tactical brilliance.
But this is tactical, rather than strategic, bullishness.
But when you're tactical as well as tactful, you can often do your best teaching.
Her parliamentary colleagues are questioning her tactical skills.
Drawing on both sides of the brain gives them a tactical edge, even if the pure speed of each hemisphere's processing is slower.
She provides tactical direction, cultivates client relationships, business alliances and guides the customer experience.
Residents of the area have complained that drug activity picked up after the departure of the tactical team.
Which may put a decade-long effort to restock the military's light tactical vehicle fleet in the ditch.
Leaving aside valuations, he cites a number of tactical signals that precede a bear-market bottom.
It is a highly tactical discipline of positioning and timing.
It was the trendiness and sectarianism of literary studies that made him seem ever tactical and adversarial.
The budget cutters have taken control of the agenda, while government's defenders are waging tactical retreats.
In both cases, firings become as if an object of play, a tactical move in some game.
One has to suspect that tactical considerations are at play here.
But as the party advances it will find it harder to sustain tactical agility along with fidelity to principle.
She made her share of tactical retreats, but her strength was such that they were perceived as tactical even at the time.
The military had groups trying remote viewing for tactical intelligence.
Relying on college kids to win a race normally controlled by geriatrics was thought to be tactical folly.
My guiding principles were to stay away from the small amount of tactical information in the pamphlet.
Having a computer partner also meant never having to worry about making a tactical blunder.
But tactical conflicts and the lack of clear goals are making it even harder.
Throw an accessory such as a scope, shield or light onto the built-in tactical rail and you've got the complete package.
There are also direct clashes: tactical attacks, by media, on the personnel and practices of other media outlets.
Tactical crisis containment is expensive and frequently inadequate.
But this tactical error has nothing to do with morality.
He is an affable character, who likes to laugh and joke with the press, and who feigns tactical naivety.
It is also the reason why they should not be part of foreign policy strategy, only tactical execution.
The so-called tactical police erroneous orders was due exclusively to the heads of devices.
It's a tactical mistake, first of all, to focus global warming action on personal restrictions.
He still obtusely sees his past behavior and dreadful judgment as tactical errors.

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