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It's all obfuscating nonsense, of course, a scare tactic employed for political ends.
Faced with owning up to higher borrowing, he would have liked a diversionary tactic.
Now, a pair of biomechanics researchers has offered a scientific explanation of how this counterintuitive tactic worked.
Therefore, what evolution thought to be natural selection is actually tactic regression.
Let's stop using the mythical global warming scare tactic to manage everything.
Great tactic to try with kids who keep popping out of their rooms at bedtime.
Now, thousands of prisoners in four jails in the country are resorting to the same tactic.
The surprise tactic puts small fish to flight, which the seal then devours.
It has always been a major tactic of these types of people to argue against those who have limited ability to argue back.
Either way, it means a tactic intended to divert attention away from something.
The indie filmmakers are taking a different tactic than their commercial counterparts.
Rewarding workers for good performance is a standard private-sector tactic.
Although some skuas make their living solely by piracy, others employ this tactic only part of the time.
Well please forgive me for resorting to such a tactic.
Criminals are clever people, and if you defend against a particular tactic such as phishing, they'll find another.
The fund had argued that the tactic was discriminatory.
It's clearly a scare tactic to goose companies into securing employee's data.
Not everybody has responded to this tactic as the government hoped.
However a common tactic is to have a levy on lubricant sales which finances a collection agency.
The researchers instead propose a tactic known as acquaintance immunization.
Now, it's almost a common fundraising tactic for conservation groups and universities.
But as an election-winning tactic it remains brutally effective.
Exaggerating something so you can knock it is also a tactic that builds walls.
The government may simply be threatening to ban all investment as a tactic to keep the final percentage acceptably low.
So it was an acceptable tactic for anti-whalers but now that the pro-whales are using it, it is somehow wrong.
Over the course of a year this simple energy saving tactic can have a sizable impact.
Later, others would only shrug when speculating as to why he had chosen this ill-advised tactic.
One successful tactic is to give these poachers alternatives for a better way of life.
Maybe singing is a form of survival for us, a tactic in order to be able to exist on the steppe.
And there's no need to repeat this tactic for the flight home, because a delayed or lost bag shouldn't create as big of a problem.
The quest to recover lost books has left some librarians ambivalent about the tactic.
The other tactic is to punish athletes for misbehaving.
But it is exactly this trait that makes the tactic medically useful.
Saying something is non-negotiable is, in itself, a common negotiating tactic.
The trend is an extension of a venerable marketing tactic known as co-branding that is widespread in selling packaged foods.
But my primary tactic is to divert my attention elsewhere.
There's only so much a technological tactic can do after such a big strategic blunder.
It's the old tactic of selling outrage rather than facts.
His supporters are only half joking when they say his best campaign tactic would be silence, starting now.
But the politics of fear is a tactic typically used by the right.
Sniping to take out a vehicle's motor is a standard tactic across the military and law enforcement.
Still, the clever buying tactic means more new ships, faster.
He has stories and examples at the ready, even a shock tactic or two at his fingertips.
As a military tactic, shock and awe has been tried before during the last century-though it has rarely succeeded.
If approached, smugglers can simply cut a torpedo loose and let it sink-a tactic used by crews of all types of narco-subs.
As the share price moves up and down, the fund adjusts its short position, a tactic known as delta hedging.
Another obvious galvanising-and cost-saving-tactic is to make out-of-work benefits stingier.
The question is whether this is a negotiation tactic or a stalling tactic.
The riskiest tactic for generics makers is to try to invent their own drugs.
They were right about the tactic, wrong about timing.
Extending mobile coverage, so that subscribers can make calls wherever they are, is another tactic.
The commission knows a delaying tactic when it sees one.
House finches provide one of the best examples of this tactic.
So the scientists got to wondering whether they could take a similar tactic to make silk even stronger.
We therefore studied only one tactic: attacking an opponent with information.
Environmentalists often use a sort of awe and scare tactic.
Better tactic--make a point of saying that you want to stay over so you can stick to your morning writing schedule.
As an educational tactic, the university put out a flier describing the various ecological problems with bottled water.
Cell towers use this tactic, with several antennas pointing in different directions to better serve users.
Police and federal law enforcement officials are trying a new tactic in the war on performance-enhancing drug use.
In an emergency, the correct tactic seems to be brake first, then steer.
One tactic is to boost the insects' ability to defend themselves against parasites and pathogens.
Although it may sound a little extreme, this kamikaze tactic serves to protect the ant's nest and territory.
The manufacturers fought that, calling it a scare tactic, and the government backed the industry.
Scare tactic to immunize yourself and your loved ones against this syndrome or that alien disease, or all of them for that matter.
Their argument is actually the flip side of the delaying tactic used by antelopes and orangutans.
The news channels have been using that tactic for years.
What's worse is that the media turns it into a fear tactic to scare parents into vaccinating.
It's a lame tactic, and no one here's falling for it.
Another tactic is to reduce the transit time as much as possible.
In light of the opposition to universal healthcare, it doesn't surprise me that this tactic is being attempted.
Bipartisanship is a fine sentiment and an appealing tactic, but where health care is concerned it was never a great idea.
The use of disorder as a tactic is testament to the success of the protests.
One such gradualist tactic would start with the catastrophic approach and transform it bit by bit.
But this tactic was crude, inappropriate in a judicial hearing, and completely counter-productive.
Another reason, though, is that the protesters have devised a new tactic.
It was not to be used as a bargaining tactic in any future negotiation for a final status agreement.
Lewis's tactic here is blatantly to suppress a significant amount of history.
The exaggeration of foreign threats, however pernicious, is a tactic.
Cyber-attacks are increasingly being used as a new tactic of warfare.
But perhaps targeting the company's failure to turn boozy fantasies into reality was the wrong tactic.
It can drop and regenerate its tail as a defensive tactic against predators.

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