tact in a sentence

Example sentences for tact

Tact and grace go a long way no matter what the negotiation.
The tread was in tact on the tire that failed today.
The dandy's strategy is to combine daring with tact, flamboyance with distance.
Prudence and tact compelled me to say little on this point.
His tact and caution often made him the only go-between available for mending fences.
Use wisdom and tact to direct energies into constructive avenues.
One is the rear arm rests, cigarette lighters and center arm rest are still in-tact and still working.
It will require a lot of energy, tact and political muscle.

Famous quotes containing the word tact

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A light and diplomatic bird Is lenient in my window tree. A quick dilemma of the leaves Discloses twist and tactmore
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