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The game itself looks cheap and tacky at best, though.
It was somewhat sweet smelling when burned and it does get a little tacky when in contact with alcohol.
The souvenirs might be a bit on the tacky side, but you'll discover plenty of intriguing items in these lively markets.
Complaining is tacky and pointless, especially by people who are supposedly smart enough to know better.
And today she's mostly famous for being famous, for having an incredibly hot husband and a relatively tacky wedding.
Along the way, the concept has gone from futuristic novelty to often-tacky tourist traps.
Sometimes the designs are tacky or derivative of modern art styles.
Here's a case where tacky novelty can actually result in something that keeps you safe and also makes you look cool.
The tacky, velvet-curtained room had been transformed into a combination stadium and stage.
It's tacky, and one is better served by decoding the dazzle that has you reaching for your purse.
Allow the primer to achieve a tacky-dry feel before proceeding with the placement of the elastomeric concrete.
The cured mounting medium must no longer be tacky or viscous, but not be yellow or brittle.
Allow the primer to achieve a tacky-dry feel before application of the elastomeric concrete.
It was found that epoxidized soybean oil and citric acid could be heat cured to give a non-tacky coating on paper.
After the tack coat application, curing time shall be sufficient to permit the coating to become tacky before paving.
Place the sprayed tacky piece of paper behind the web and gently bring it into contact with the web.
Because it has a tacky surface, it attracts dust, which reduces its reflectivity somewhat.
Common tack cloths transfer a tacky residue to a surface being cleaned.
Although the oil is weathering rapidly, the oil will remain tacky to fur and feathers.
However, removing photos from pages that are in the extremely tacky stage can cause permanent damage.
While adhesive is still tacky, set stone fragment in place.

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