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Example sentences for taciturn

Ridgway, however taciturn in temperament, was also courageous and fair-minded.
The writer wants to learn why, but does not tell his story, hoping that the taciturn ex-leader will volunteer an explanation.
The packer is taciturn, but an elegantly thrown hitch or a well-shod hoof will warm his heart.
One learns taciturnity best among people who have none, and loquacity among the taciturn.
Sandy isn't usually so exuberant--she averages eighty or ninety barks a minute--but on this night she is downright taciturn.
Taciturn, they got a lot of press out of it according to their website.
In a land of taciturn people she learned to contain, if not quite control, a mighty temper.
Also in the cast is a white horse, which has about as many lines of dialogue as anyone else in this taciturn drama.
He was as grave and taciturn as some cave-keeping anchorite.
The tome's curiously taciturn on the subject of reading, but it more than makes up for it with a few pages on books.
From the one he gained a scientific curiosity, and from the other a taciturn competence.
He was taciturn, but also apparently a good officer.

Famous quotes containing the word taciturn

A terrible, beetle-browed, mastiff-mouthed, yellow-skinned, broad-bottomed, grim-taciturn individual; with ... more
Nature is garrulous to the point of confusion, let the artist be truly taciturn.... more
He was all the way subject to taciturn fits, but they were harmless ones.... more
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