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Example sentences for syringe

But a doctor or a nurse still must put a syringe into the vial and draw out the medicine.
The voltage difference causes a jet of the solution to stream from syringe to electrode.
Still, when the syringe was full and the needle entered the flesh, it was clear there was a lot of pain.
Then, using a syringe or a pneumatic spray, the surgeon squirts the cells on to the wound.
He then proceeded to take a syringe and pretend to stab his friend with it.
Needle and syringe programmes represent an important way to try to engage this disenfranchised group.
The tip of his hot soldering iron happened to touch the needle of a syringe charged with ink.
It is injected by a nurse with an intimidating syringe under a local anaesthetic.
The sample of fluid is removed from the peritoneal space using a needle and syringe.
Used surgical gloves, syringe wrappers and paper scraps had collected along the walls during the night.
Once the tube is in the stomach, the health care provider will remove a sample of the stomach contents using a syringe.
Injected into target wrinkles with needle and syringe.
Someday your yearly checkup will show up in the mail as a syringe filled with smart serum.
After the skin is numbed, the aspirate needle is inserted into the bone, and a syringe is used to withdraw the liquid bone marrow.
Once the needle is in the joint, fluid is drawn through it into a sterile syringe.
It must be injected under the skin using a syringe or insulin pen device.
The solution may also be inserted into the nose using a large rubber ear syringe, available at a pharmacy.
The health care provider uses a needle attached to a syringe to draw out fluid from the affected joint.
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