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Example sentences for synthesizer

Unfortunately, it has a synthesizer instead of an accordion.
The researchers used the tones not as they were played for a recording or a synthesizer.
There are many special machines, such as the harmonic synthesizer which predicts the tides.
Better still, the app actually plays the song thanks to a built-in multi-track synthesizer.
He speaks by way of a computer and speech synthesizer attached to his wheelchair.
These can be read as text on the pager or heard through a voice synthesizer.
The luminous eyes stop scanning the faces around him to concentrate on the screen linked to his speech synthesizer.
Spoken language through a voice synthesizer is coming soon.
Then you take this output and connect it to a speech synthesizer.
In his day he was a great and brilliant synthesizer.
We used to play a game in which we'd make a radio or detector or music synthesizer.
The recorded voice of a speech synthesizer was used in a few more demonstrations.
About these instances, the scientist can't speak, except through a voice synthesizer.
The modern presidency is a vast electronic synthesizer, capable of exhilarating musical effects or rank cacophony.
Playing with a synthesizer is not really as much fun as playing with an instrument.
In that, he was an original, but also a great synthesizer.
The synthesizer will take words transmitted by the computer and read them over the phone.
Has a built-in speech synthesizer that may also be used with a computer.
Many products include an internal speech synthesizer.
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