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The flamingo's bright pink coloration comes from its diet-animals can't synthesize the carotenoids that color these feathers.
The fruit is also rich in micronutrients that scientists find impossible to duplicate or synthesize for pharmaceutical use.
Synthesize information from several different informational texts.
Finally, the ones who obsess over their grade are too distracted to allow all their ideas to percolate and synthesize.
Poisonous puffers are believed to synthesize their deadly toxin from the bacteria in the animals they eat.
Students synthesize their learning to write a story or conduct an interview.
Animals are unable to synthesize carotenoids, so access to them is limited by the amount they can harvest from their diet.
In nature, many plants have evolved the ability to synthesize chemicals that protect them from damage by certain insect species.
Help them synthesize the facts and story content to identify the larger ideas and issues.
Our projects tend to look outside the brick-and-mortar context and synthesize techniques and disciplines.
Kidney secretions of renin synthesize a substance called angiotensin.
Later he was able to synthesize thirty-three different amino acids, including over half of the twenty found in proteins.
It will be his job to sift and synthesize the slew of contradictory proposals that emanate from these panels, and set priorities.
That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things.
And someday, he surmised, it might be cheaper for scientists to synthesize simple organisms than to grow them.
They can synthesize compounds via routes that mammal biochemistry cannot.
Engineered bacteria can produce the proteins needed to synthesize this silk, which is spun together to make fibers.
The group has also begun to synthesize the model materials.
The next step was to actually synthesize the selected proteins.
However, protein antibodies are expensive to synthesize in the lab and only last a few months.
The new alloy could be cheaper and easier to synthesize.
Complex sugars have been notoriously difficult to synthesize in labs.
They secrete the blood protein albumin, synthesize urea, and make the enzymes necessary to break down drugs and toxins.
By selectively manipulating genes, the researchers can program the microbes to synthesize many different fuels and chemicals.
It has been difficult to synthesize imaging agents that bind only to cancer cells.
They allowed one to decipher and synthesize biological information more effectively than was previously possible.
The excitement continues for the scientists who toiled to synthesize the new element, as they wait to hear what it will be named.
They taught themselves advanced biochemistry and contracted with a lab to synthesize their medication.
He can pick up small clues and then synthesize them, allowing him to see the big picture in a case.
Realistically, what would happen after a rubber collapse is that industry would begin to synthesize high-quality rubber.
Most people at the bureaucratic level synthesize the work of others.
Modifying that animal virus would be easier for those who don't have the means to synthesize it from scratch.
For the first time, however, scientists have begun to synthesize self-replicating molecules in the laboratory.
Researchers used computers to synthesize the data, creating one generalized view of the diseases progress.
We must synthesize the result of research that address many different ecosystem attributes and processes.

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