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Example sentences for synergy

For me, the secret was to find ways to create synergy in my life, rather than having lots of little unrelated things to do.
Synergy between pathogen release and resource availability in plant invasion.
Negative synergy occurs when the sum of effects of the mixture is less than that of the individual components of the mix.
The real sticking point for any theory about a synergy between art and mental illness is explaining how the mechanism works.
It's the old marketing dream of synergy, turned into a closed loop of name-recognition feedback.
There clearly is a synergy between these two trends.
But this synergy play has produced less return than even the newspapers themselves.
Yet there is a synergy, though a subtler one, between the two issues.
However wrapped up in sonorous stuff about synergy, plenty of mergers begin with sheer executive boredom.
Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy.
One is poor synergy between industry and universities.
There will be efforts at synergy between private banking and investment banking.
Synergy is a dangerously overused word in business, but sometimes it fits.
Another fundamental reason not to break up a media conglomerate is the supposed synergy between the different bits.
Nor was there any synergy between the departments developing new models.
There is a synergy between basic and applied research, and it is illustrated in the story of nylon.
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