syndicate in a sentence

Example sentences for syndicate

One of the largest apartment houses on the upper west side is about to be taken over by a syndicate of tenants.
All yakuza members, including bosses, must pay monthly dues to their syndicate.
For the first few months of its existence, the syndicate talked more about how it was organizing students than its own sailors.
He believes this latest atrocity is the work an organized poaching syndicate.
Maroni said the sweep struck at the heart of the syndicate in terms of both its organizational structure and its finances.
The syndicate serves as a clearinghouse, distributing to its subscribing newspapers the comics that occupy space on their pages.
Large issues, however, often require the purchase and selling power of an underwriting syndicate.

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At bottom, I mean profoundly at bottom, the FBI has nothing to do with Communism, it has nothing to do with catching cri... more
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