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The rest of nature is more synchronous when it comes to being born.
Real-time and speedy synchronous and asynchronous communication options abound.
The rotor's magnetic field is rotating at the same speed as that of the stator, as in a synchronous machine.
The duo's gravity puts them in a synchronous orbit, which means they face each other with the same side all the time.
Normally, brain activity is synchronous across this circuit's three regions.
It's rear-wheel drive, and those wheels are powered by a synchronous motor mounted in the differential housing.
As the lights came up, the crowd burst into the synchronous cacophony otherwise known as applause.
It is implicit in the primary synchronous projection of atomic matter everywhere at once.
In synchronous computers, the clock's basic pace must be slow enough to accommodate the slowest action within the group.
My path is to become a learning facilitator for synchronous online adult education.
The only alternative is a discontinuous universe where space and time derive from the synchronous projection of atomic matter.
The judging and pleasure mean one another and are therefore synchronous.
Some of my designs were used to place communication satellites in synchronous orbits.
Since it didn't have to be synchronous, you didn't have to lock everything all together.
These powerful synchronous bursts of electrical activity have been linked to memory stabilization.
Headsets, cameras or fake body parts fooled the eyes, and synchronous strokes and prods added a tactile clincher.
In a synchronous discontinuous universe these nagging questions find natural explanations.
Researchers observed activity first in the parietal cortex, followed by synchronous action there and in the medial temporal area.

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