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It is particularly strong in music, with chamber and symphony orchestras, a jazz band and an excellent choir.
Combines scholarly and personal perspectives in a study of the composer's final symphony.
The city hosts a number of annual festivals and has its own ballet and symphony.
When travel sends you thunderstorms, enjoy the symphony.
There's also a chamber music festival, and the city has its own symphony.
It's a big symphony of a play and you begin to hear different sounds coming from different actors.
It's big enough to support a symphony and opera, if those things matter to you.
Whether his work be picture or symphony, legend or lyric, is of little moment.
There was movement everywhere, but the symphony of migration also had antiphonal strains of settling down.
The narrator's decision to form a new group was prompted by by a situation vis-a-vis the symphony.
What a wonderful example of ourselves and our machines, our far reaching eyes, working in symphony.
Think how long the symphony orchestra and its component parts has been basically unchanged for centuries.
The best leaders can focus the talents and energies of a sophisticated workforce into a symphony of success.
Silence can be a symphony of elegant understatement.
You're treated, aurally and visually, to a subterranean symphony.
As a musician you straddle two music communities, the indie scene and the more traditional orchestral symphony scene.
He begins conversations with a symphony of dancing hands and flopping hair, only to end up drifting in deep verbal space.

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