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There is a big difference between empathy and sympathy.
If you can't get past your own psychological hangups, you don't get any sympathy from me for your abominable actions.
And teachers who find the students do not reproduce previous lessons should have, then, more sympathy for students.
We waited too long in line and did everything by the book to have any sympathy for line jumpers.
That, and of course he doesn't want your sympathy, he wants your attention.
It's a difficult thing to come to terms with and you have my sympathy.
Sympathy, a good advocate, and savvy politicking by your supporters could get this reversed.
They have the sympathy of millions of fellow-travellers.
The harshness of this book is an expression of its basic sympathy.
We extend our deepest sympathy to the entire family.
He rarely invites any sympathy at all, and his unrepentant swagger says he wouldn't be caught dead trying.
We have great sympathy for him and wish him a speedy recovery.
We extend deep sympathy to his loving family and devoted congregation.
His genius was inclined to the pathetic, and none could touch with truer effect the chords of human sympathy.
He had genuine sympathy for ordinary folk, for animals, for nature.
Both respect for the feelings of others and sympathy with them are enjoined.
Probably, the closer contact with his audience as lecturer than as writer satisfied his hunger for sympathy.
His sympathy with poverty and suffering was instinctive and instant.
The form of gratification which the symptom yields has much about it that alienates one's sympathy.
But even this act did not draw the party into any closer sympathy.
Wind power is taking on natural gas, which has risen in price in sympathy with oil.
It was the first visit to such a place by a leader and was clearly aimed at showing sympathy with the marginalised.
She also attracted widespread sympathy because of her bereavement.
Which is fortunate, since small business need a little sympathy these days.
It is difficult to muster much sympathy for the workers, however.
In this case, too, anger is tempered by sympathy for two individuals at the centre of the upheavals.
For these tribulations he deserves a degree of sympathy.
They said the incident was contrived to attract sympathy votes.
First to suffer are telemarketers, though they cannot expect much sympathy.
It voices sympathy with the humanitarian motives of the treaty.
But there was also a natural sympathy working in his favor, given the fact that he is blind and no stranger to hardship.
Juries sometimes base awards more on sympathy than facts.
The unsettling future world doesn't have a real villain or much sympathy.
Some in the generations before them seem to feel little sympathy.
He was also an artist of epic breadth and profound human sympathy.
If sympathy isn't genuine, it will undermine your efforts.
Not my sympathy for the customer but for the reviewer.
When publishers complained, they encountered a distinct lack of popular sympathy for their plight.
And it's only human that they're going to develop some kind of an emotional sympathy.
But the national mood seemed to be calling for harsher drug laws, not sympathy for drug addicts.
Whoever was in distress was sure not only of his sympathy, but of his hand and purse.
If you've ever tried to manage a huge amount of content, you will feel some sympathy for the government's position.
It's difficult not to feel some sympathy with the archbishop, however.
But none of them can do much more than offer sympathy for the poor dopes' entrapments.
Something has to keep the lovers apart for a while to build suspense and the audience's sympathy before they can get together.
But beware of mental-health chat rooms, which can be long on sympathy and short on facts.

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