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Example sentences for sympathize

It was a venting session with other bloggers who then proceeded to sympathize with her.
And one could sympathize with how difficult it might be to acknowledge that resentment.
Both comments are meant to sympathize with the original poster.
Gamers will sympathize with what the characters are trying to do.
Everybody must sympathize with the efforts of everybody else to raise the tone of politics, and especially of local politics.
In this environment, even the artists don't sympathize.
It's easy to sympathize with the challengers, who fear that the new product will reduce smokers' incentives to quit.
Those are perfectly credible reasons on which to base a decision, and committee members will understand and sympathize.
Most post-apocalyptic games do not seek to make you sympathize with the lost civilization.
She made it acceptable to weep and to think simultaneously, to sympathize but also to indict.
We understand and sympathize with the frustration of consumers.
The reader must be able to view the wolf's horrific urges in an abstract way in order to sympathize with him.
And the rest of us have come to sympathize with their deep need for the hardware.
Even showing them a video of the horrors would not have them fully grasp teh event, they can at best sympathize.
Always they seemed to understand and sympathize with her.
They won't sympathize with you against the authorities.
Parenthetically, it's impossible for me not to sympathize with him.
But it encourages people more vicious than you, and discourages people inclined to sympathize with you.
Sometimes an actor can become a mirror and reflect the audience, allow them to identify and sympathize and relate to him.
Although their lives were quite different, they seemed to understand and sympathize with each other.
But the two prisoners showed such dignity in their ordeal that the public quickly began to sympathize with them.

Famous quotes containing the word sympathize

In civil and political affairs, American women take no interest or concern, except so far as they sympathizemore
People with the same sickness sympathize with one another.... more
When we hate a person, with an intimate, imaginative, human hatred, we enter into his mind, or sympathize... more
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