sympathetically in a sentence

Example sentences for sympathetically

And he sympathetically captures the soul of each situation.
More sympathetically, there's often a belief that you can do great good for a majority, if you throw a minority under the bus.
He nodded sympathetically, clearly waiting for me to reciprocate.
We may nod sympathetically while telling ourselves that nothing needs to change.
Find a partner who can be open with you and who listens to you sympathetically, and take it from there.
The individual scientists are portrayed accurately as well as sympathetically and colorfully.
The series portrays her more sympathetically, as out of touch but nonetheless a patriot.
They can suffer from simplistic premises and too many corny jokes, but his characters are always richly, sympathetically drawn.
To be filmed indoors sympathetically, a face needs to be lit by more than one light.
The recurring theme was isolation: the film urged soldiers to talk to one another openly and sympathetically.
Any good argument against a position, of course, begins by interpreting it as sympathetically as possible.
The boys were alternately shouted at and treated sympathetically in order to get them to confess.
Nowhere else in the book is either shown sympathetically.

Famous quotes containing the word sympathetically

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