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In all regions, commentators friendly to corporate power walloped her for harboring sympathetic views on labor unions.
It instantly brought him into a more sympathetic mood.
Many of the local police officers even seem sympathetic to his mission and let him through.
Advertise these measures in a way that attracts the large, environmentally sympathetic tourist market.
She screamed in mortal agony, but she knew that her screams did not fall on sympathetic ears.
The former fact has been used extensively in the study of how certain drugs affect the sympathetic nervous system.
When people feel stressed, their sympathetic nervous system typically revs up, releasing energy and preparing the body for action.
Grieving elephants, sympathetic bonobos, grateful whales-nature is not always red in tooth and claw.
Too sympathetic people deserve probably be regarded with suspicion.
Yes, it could be that people are sympathetic to anonymous bloggers.
Incoming freshman representatives may be more sympathetic to scientific issues once they face the task of governing.
Those of us who are sympathetic to animal issues find it wretched to consider that our dinner might have had emotions.
Meditation stills the short term sympathetic system that fuels immediate action often in reactionary ways.
Perhaps high school geography teachers should be sympathetic to those individuals who believe the world is flat.
Either this understanding of what psychopaths are is wrong, or there's more to this than simply being unable to be sympathetic.
Adherents with sympathetic needs and values will always be found to support many delusions.
If anything having been over weight should have made you more sympathetic to the plight of fat people.
Some doctors have been sympathetic to some of the ideas.
There was kook in their countenance-an off-kilter vibe that was sympathetic and engrossing.
The court, however, was sympathetic to the plaintiffs' argument.
The judge did not appear to be sympathetic to that, either.
On one hand, these same-country groups can offer a safe and sympathetic environment with others who understand the challenges.
When that happens, future parties with more sympathetic cases become collateral damage.
But only the rare sympathetic critic or adventuresome collector actually spent money on the group's art.
Moreover, many national governments are less than fully sympathetic toward the global research agenda.
Landing an interview after an adverse tenure decision will be difficult, even if my chairman does write me a sympathetic letter.
While the regents said they were sympathetic, they did not change their minds.
It was a strong team that was sympathetic to the claims for serving adults and innovation.
But postmodern fiction wasn't supposed to be about sympathetic characters.
She mumbled apologies while a sympathetic audience member tried to quiet the chatter in the room.
Because he is so sympathetic and poetic, the madness of his jealousy seems all the more tragic.
Luda was about to answer with a sympathetic smile, but the smile died in midair.
And anyway, baseball's always had the more sympathetic connection with words.
Some of their commenters, even sympathetic ones, wrote in to set them straight.
In the teeth of a full-blown sympathetic response, the parasympathetic system now swings into overdrive.
Get the political ball rolling from within with people who might be sympathetic.
They also get a sympathetic ear from the media because we're talking about kids here, kids getting sick, and that's truly awful.
And casting aspersions makes you seem petty and small while making your target more sympathetic.
The evil twin might come off as the more sympathetic of the two, all things considered.
Eric can be sympathetic one minute and infuriating the next.
There has yet to be a sympathetic official on the show.
On the one hand, many see his complaints as echoing their own, and are sympathetic.
Both parties in the coalition government seem sympathetic to their case.
So far during the trial, both sides have tried to portray their clients as sympathetic characters.
So it is a relief to find two accounts with a rare combination of sympathetic nuance and critical rigour.
During the previous strike the trade unions had fostered good relations with newspapermen and won themselves a sympathetic press.
No wonder patients need sympathetic pre-operative counselling and long-term post-operative monitoring.
The nerves are derived from the cardiac plexus, which are formed partly from the vagi, and partly from the sympathetic trunks.
These preganglionic fibers terminate in sympathetic ganglia from which the impulses are carried by other neurons.
Cordial, trustful, sympathetic he was with many friends.
But wherever he did go he found a generous and social welcome, and a respectful and sympathetic hearing.
Training is impossible and sympathetic guidance equally so.
His reading of his subject implies affinity of mind and is altogether sympathetic.
The cells of the anterior nuclei are smaller and are supposed to give off the sympathetic efferent axons.
She was rewarded with a gravy pipe of national money from those sympathetic to taxes-are-sin dogma.
Still, psychologists continue the debate, with a majority sympathetic to the general-intelligence perspective.
It's made others more interested in the movement and made their struggle more sympathetic.
And when violence starts, the majority group usually closes ranks with the government, even if they were previously sympathetic.
It is also a sympathetic and human book, in an enriching rather than a sappy way.
And yet, my sense is that these same people are often quite sympathetic to the excesses of personal and group loyalty.
The museum's directors were sympathetic, but they wouldn't dream of tampering with a work of art.
The judge in the case would seem to be unusually sympathetic to those arguments.
At first his accounts come across as affecting and sympathetic.
We observe them with a sympathetic eye, but from a distance.
There also have been failed replications by sympathetic parapsychologists.
He emerges from the storm with a fund of twenty-six stories, which he offers to a sympathetic publisher.
Accordingly he found her more engaging and far more sympathetic.

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