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Her features are perfectly symmetrical as are her teeth.
Avoid grids that can be divided in two by blackening either two symmetrical squares or the center square.
Some animals, such as jellyfish and sea urchins, are radially symmetrical.
Showy, deep pink to red bilaterally symmetrical flowers bloom in profusion near the top of this leafy, several-stemmed plant.
Placing a molecule that's essential to life within a spherically symmetrical one could let researchers learn more about each.
It may require pruning from time to time to maintain a pleasingly symmetrical outline.
To ensure the long-term survival of our species, we're genetically predisposed to be attracted to symmetrical faces.
There are two basic kinds of catamarans on the market: symmetrical and asymmetrical.
Flowers small, but organized into larger heads resembling a single, radially symmetrical flower cupped by a ring of green bracts.
Symmetrical faces tend to be judged as more attractive than asymmetrical ones.
The vast crusted salt pan is scored with symmetrical polygonal cracks.
The key names were scattered around the grid, not symmetrical as they would be now.
Perfectly symmetrical growth is difficult to achieve.
The image reveals that the second jet is perfectly identical to its twin, with symmetrical knots and whorls of material.
They culminate in two strikingly symmetrical clouds of swirling filaments.
For more than a decade he has worked with a single, symmetrical form.
Two of these quarters had been completed, and consisted of five houses arranged around a courtyard in a symmetrical fashion.
People whose brains are too symmetrical are at risk for cognitive problems.
From the air, the mounds were too symmetrical to be natural.
It's all reddish brick and concrete and symmetrical lines, as imaginative as a driveway.
That's why there should not have a symmetrical boon.
Symmetrical wings flank a grand pavilion and arched entryway with a marquee.
The first step involves division of the desmid's nucleus, which is located near the center of its symmetrical body.
The target substance must be crystalline with the atoms arranged in the symmetrical manner typical of a crystal.
But they lack the symmetrical simplicity to generate them.
Tiny symmetrical spheres didn't exhibit this lift effect, the team found.
If you loaded spools of ribbon onto the side and then cranked away, the machine created perfectly symmetrical bows.
Engineering a purposeful tilt or asymmetry takes far more design and study than to build a straight symmetrical building.
Symmetrical features would seem a good bet, along with strong immune systems and some types of intelligence.
Some are arranged in symmetrical patterns, others scatter across the paper support and out onto the frame.
By comparison, the symmetrical design of a flapping-wing arrangement can be more efficient.
Perfectly symmetrical snowballs have great appeal to your inner perfectionist.
My photographer friend says that few faces are symmetrical.
Such symmetrical plotting is the full extent of the film's political and moral concerns.
Three full stories, the facade is perfectly symmetrical.
The countertop is symmetrical, with two wings each at an angle to the central section.
He lovingly shaped bowls into symmetrical forms, then crumpled them as if to thumb his nose at the art world.
Incentives to participate in a network have to be symmetrical, for one thing.
The line of his jaw is symmetrical and his lips are full, the lower lip slightly thicker than the upper.
The pattern of joints affected is usually symmetrical, involves the hands and other joints, and is worse in the morning.
AN old editor taught me about the symmetrical event.
Most other fish have tails that are essentially symmetrical from top to bottom.
It is a symmetrical design, built as a fortress against invaders.
Diabetes is one cause of symmetrical loss of sensation in the feet.
One would have to compare this method to other symmetrical encryption methods.
They have a tendency to be more or less symmetrical on the two sides of the skull, and vary much in size.
It may be described as consisting of two symmetrical bands, one for either hemisphere.
From across the river, the fa├žade appeared symmetrical and inviting.
They have smooth, symmetrical shapes and unmistakable traces of drilling to produce the holes visible on the videos.
Despite this photo's symmetrical composition, which is usually considered not the best, the photo is successful.
When born, a flounder is bilaterally symmetrical, with one eye on each side of its head.
It's a complex system of reprogramming the body into a symmetrical posture that requires hours of training.
It's a symmetrical stadium surrounded by parking lots and greenery.
Bees tend to prefer radial, symmetrical arrangements typical of many flowers.
If wing shape were solely responsible for lift, then airplanes could not fly upside down, and symmetrical airfoils would not work.
The trick was to make a substance crystallize as a highly ordered, symmetrical, porous framework.
Bikes have good balance on their own because they are mostly symmetrical and have a low point for their center of gravity.
But crochet is the best for rapidly spreading spirals or other symmetrical decorative patterns.
So, unlikely that they would have evolved into a bipedal, bi-laterally symmetrical form.
For instance, it's been known for a long time that people find symmetrical faces more attractive.
In the big bang model, the universe is symmetrical, with no preferred location.
Unlike cosmic rays, the symmetrical collisions in the collider can slow the products to below escape velocity, to plague us.
Sometimes a snowflake drifts down from the sky and lands on my coat sleeve as a symmetrical, stunning surprise.

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