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Example sentences for symmetric

But simply because something appears to be symmetric doesn't mean its true.
As long as these conditions are met, investors have the right to participate in the markets with a symmetric payoff.
It means government controls the board and drafts management and compensation contracts that are symmetric and measured.
First, let's a make a distinction between symmetric and asymmetric codes.
That's useful, they say, because no other measure gives this kind of symmetric signal for all healthy people.
Weak interactions are not parity-violating exceptions to symmetric strong interactions.
Because there is no preferred direction in empty space, rotations in three dimensions are symmetric.
Aliens that had spherically symmetric bodies might have never had a need for a notion of orientation.
Symmetric principles of physics suggest that the universe ought to run forward and backward easily.
The outer ring is much more broken, but is also regular and symmetric to the more unbroken inner ring.
Theme answers are usually but not always symmetric too.
To me, this has the same obvious visual elegance as symmetric grids, but with an added element of excitement.
The former would explain why the spiral is so beautifully symmetric.
And she soon understood that the pairing was symmetric: if shown the ant first, she matched it with the elephant.
Because there is no preferred direction in empty space, rotations in three dimensions are symmetric.
Geographically these two symmetric admixture events make sense, but the exclusivity is still a bit surprising.
However, there are always important effects that one needs the full, non-symmetric nature of the situation to understand.
The dancer will perform two alternating waggling runs symmetric about, but diverging from, the center line.
They come in many shapes, but usually they are relatively symmetric and round.
It is highly time asymmetric, which is weird in a universe governed by almost perfectly time symmetric laws.
Let's focus on spherically symmetric space-times and pick an origin.
Inverse operations on functions are not typically symmetric.
Virtual geomagnetic pole dispersion was found to be circularly symmetric, while the directional data were elongate north-south.
Also, for it to be a rocket the spiral is too symmetric.
But they're not symmetric: they have lumps, and craters, and crevices.
Self-scaled barriers for irreducible symmetric cones.
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