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Conjugate will have to explain his chess pieces and other symbols.
Flags, songs, and other cultural symbols are used to identify nations.
The experimenters did explain why they used words instead of symbols.
Imagine a world hidden in the midst of our own, one in which you notice clues and symbols that elude you in your everyday life.
The wonder of mathematics is that it captures precisely in a few symbols what can only be described clumsily with many words.
It may be a effective tactic, to deny reformers symbols to rally about.
Use symbols to identify other features on the contour map of your area.
Ceramic noblemen vanished, however, except as symbols of outdated exploitation.
Yet except for the flags and symbols left from that era, such dreams have been long forgotten.
These patricians don't need gaudy symbols to advertise their wealth.
But these symbols of status had been effectively erased by municipal neglect.
Graduated symbols are also great because you can use them to catch the reader's attention with cleverly chosen symbols.
The atomic symbols on the puzzle page are all you need to fill in the highlighted squares.
Since they are abstract symbols they seem to be communications.
Those models are made of words and symbols which, by their nature, can be intimidating.
Sometimes, they have responded by changing their ticker symbols.
Discuss patterns revealed by the symbols on the students' maps.
Scientists set up an avian casino in which pigeons could place their bets on one of two symbols.
Especially if the only tattoos one can have are blood-dripping, vile symbols of gang affiliation.
Practice drawing these symbols and write a message to a friend.
Avoiding that danger-the use of holy sites and symbols to justify territorial claims-will be easier said than done.
Understanding the symbols they etched in clay is another matter.
Basically, the spelling is up in the air as it's a transliteration of sounds from a language based on symbols.
Additionally, you can use symbols and diagrams, hyperlinks and images.
He wrote that math symbols add nothing to the understanding of economics.
The priest draws sacred symbols in the dust with cornmeal, and rum is poured on the ground to honor the spirits.
These symbols are important, but they should not take away focus from what they symbolize.
Another is that poor language skills are easier to overcome when studying abstract symbols.
Every trading strategy draws upon a model, even if it is not expressed in mathematical symbols.
Palm leaves, called fronds, are traditional symbols in many religions.
It answers, in effect, two fundamental mental questions concerning the translation of concepts into linguistic symbols.
Further, pine-cones were regarded as symbols or rather instruments of fertility.
Over the ages, diamonds acquired a mystique as symbols of wealth and power.
Superheroes are symbols of strength, but your costumes are knitted.
We tend to see whales as symbols of conservation, and sometimes even symbols of conservation's excesses.
It is necessary to invent symbols to represent them in transliteration.
They are popular partly because they are seen as symbols of a shared plight.
They are living symbols of the people in their districts.
To cope with the difficulty of hobo life, hobos developed a system of symbols, or a code.
Streets are marked with lines and sometimes symbols that indicate how heavily they are traveled.
Below the map a legend identifies symbols used on the map.
Although subjects easily answered simple problems expressed in mathematical symbols, words continued to stump them.
The symbols do not mean anything to computers or robots.
She says he then spontaneously learned to equate these symbols with the appropriate number of objects.
It is a system of symbols that takes the pressure off having to rely on verbal skills to express what's going on cognitively.
Scripts where symbols matched consonants or syllables allowed you to exchange symbols for sounds.
They made their selections by pressing one of three levers that corresponded to the three symbols.
They cement their own group loyalties by means of sacred symbols and ceremonies.
There was no gap during which the symbols were unravelled.
But later, when she faced the machines alone, their cryptic symbols and rows of gleaming knobs terrified her.
Come on, we're using symbols instead of the written word to type out our meaning.
The meaning of pre-coded input symbols is not accessible to the learner.
In essence, it's the study of meaning or the differences between meanings of words or symbols.
Option a is a different equation, which unfortunately can be expressed in the same symbols due to a bad choice of symbols.
Beautiful ivory carvings are traditional symbols of wealth and status.
The place is much dilapidated, but one can still see the regimental symbols and the sad old grave markers from lost campaigns.
But the mosaic contains neither inscriptions nor religious symbols, and the animals are mum.
Digital computer programs by definition consist of sets of purely formal operations on formally specified symbols.
Many common phrases and proper names were encoded by only two optical symbols, with a substantial gain in speed of transmission.
Finally, the old cultural symbols will have been retired.
The neurological process that directs thought, through fingers, into written symbols is a highly sophisticated one.
Researchers aren't yet sure what the red symbols mean.
They use both jargon and equipment as symbols of science.
He holds up a sheet covered with abstruse mathematical symbols.
To begin with, they asked students to watch pairs of symbols, one of which represented a specific concept.
Symbol-heavy languages tend to be a mix of icons, symbols, and indexes.
Symbols and icons must be selected that are understood by the user.
Interpreting the colored lines, areas, and other symbols is the first step in using topographic maps.
In a fast-growing economy, status symbols are the easiest way to demonstrate wealth and power.
Right under the nose of white folk we're sending signs and symbols and they didn't know it.

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