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Example sentences for symbolize

They symbolize a people and represent national pride.
These treaties represent a great achievement, both for their practical benefits and in what they symbolize.
Cut out pictures from magazines that represent or symbolize your essential characteristics and qualities.
Not too bad for an animal long thought to symbolize evil.
In this performance the inverted bowl is intended to symbolize the vault of heaven.
These symbols are important, but they should not take away focus from what they symbolize.
The barricades show, he writes, how people choose and symbolize the way they voice their discontent and collective hopes.
Another online realm where avatars and personas are created to symbolize personality traits is poker.
The images in the cave are mainly cows painted with big udders, apparently to symbolize fertility.
Solvers are invited to symbolize the word in each of those eight thematic squares.
It is a stratagem of the novelist no less than of the playwright to symbolize physically the moral nature of a character.
Let this arrangement of metal, placed in the course of a brook, symbolize the machine of human life.
Scientists don't yet know what all these ancient drawings, called petroglyphs, symbolize.
At left a bird and a mountain symbolize the sunlight that emerges in the east every morning.
The strands of this handcrafted necklace are meant to symbolize and connect past, present, and future.
Often the plan was intended to symbolize and reinforce the ruler's power and authority.
The delta's water lilies drew me in because they symbolize life made possible by water in this dry land.
The emblems symbolize five categories within the entertainment industry.
Hands can symbolize many things depending on their position and gesture.
These four trees have been planted to help symbolize our four fallen officers.
The two grizzlies on either side of the shield symbolize the state's strength and its citizens' bravery.
There are many ways to symbolize your spatial data: from a simple line for all features to symbols for multiple attributes.
Sometimes a tiny icon of a padlock appears to symbolize a higher level of security to transmit data.
The elements of the emblem symbolize the major facets of the national park system.
To symbolize this, a recipient of the honor would receive a gold box containing mementos or gifts from city leaders.
The points at the top symbolize character and integrity.
With future projects on hold, the construction cranes that symbolize the city's vitality gradually will disappear.
It's parks and other public spaces that both symbolize and engender a sense of community.

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