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It is no petty indulgence, especially if you understand the symbolism involved in every sport.
The sense of natural symbolism is so strong in us, that the mind seeks a spiritual significance in this glory of the atmosphere.
It is equally tempting to dismiss symbolism as unimportant when measured against tangible policy.
Famous writers have previously shared insights on symbolism, reading, and writing itself.
The opening scene snaps the audience awake, but it doesn't go easy on the symbolism.
The exception, perhaps, is when that experience takes on geopolitical symbolism.
Its symbolism is unmistakable, and many immediately interpreted it as a dove.
And for much of the novel, it's not clear what's real and what's metaphorical symbolism.
The celebrations, though, reflected symbolism more than demography.
The basic concepts are the same, however, terminology and symbolism is all different and somewhat confusing.
But in a system excruciatingly attuned to political symbolism, that seems implausible.
But in these tense times, the missile bore a full payload of symbolism.
The symbolism of the gesture is everything one could wish.
It relies far more heavily on overt symbolism than its predecessors-with mixed results.
Because climate change is essentially a political problem, and the language of politics is symbolism.
The void's symbolism, it seems, was apparently too much for the authorities.
If one wishes, of course, it is possible to find urgent symbolism in this film.
The strong symbolism of the president's move cannot be denied.
The symbolism seems forced as well, and the film is often unbearably heavy-handed.
They are suffused with melancholy symbolism, all of it intensely personal and some of it intensely obscure.
The quilts in this collection afford an opportunity for students to learn about symbolism.
The only remaining vestige is a large granite bullfrog, which has no particular symbolism in itself.

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