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For starters, they don't harm benevolent bacteria living in symbiosis with human hosts.
It may also rely on an unspoken symbiosis between them-a covert handshake between apparent enemies.
From slimy to friendly, these invaders live in symbiosis with plants-and us.
Benjamin's evidence for nitrite-producing tongue bugs is drawn from rats, but he's confident a similar symbiosis exists in humans.
Symbiosis is an ecological phenomenon where one kind of organism lives in physical contact with another.
Symbiosis, she suggested, could explain why species appear so suddenly and why they persist so long without changing.
Symbiosis couples the lives of the coral and the zooxanthellae together.
Viruses are intrinsically liked to the evolution of species and continue to live in symbiosis with our organism.
One wonders how microbe-mammal symbiosis may have helped this cognitive development.
There is a horrible symbiosis between the drug dealers and the enforcement establishment.
But that symbiosis is complicating efforts to control the nation's outbreaks of avian flu.
The time has come to end the grim symbiosis between the oppressor and the oppressed.

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