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Example sentences for sycophants

The saint's refusal was a second offence in the eyes of the sycophants of the court.
Instead, she will cling to dogma, reinforcing her decisions with sycophants and toadies.
They are surrounded by sycophants and enablers who reinforce that impression.
Egged on by sycophants, she sent senior civil servants around the world to lobby for her nomination, unsuccessfully.
Vox is a rather repulsive toad of a human being, and his sycophants aren't much better.
His charisma attracted both starry-eyed sycophants and spiteful critics.
He talked to a group of sycophants who simply told him he had a great idea.
It is not long before dissatisfaction spreads, rivalries simmer, sycophants flourish.
His wealth nevertheless turns the townspeople into groveling, obsequious sycophants.
The sycophants around the colossus's feet speculate on his downfall while they look to their own perquisites.
He had his staff, which contained the usual number of toadies and sycophants.

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