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But employing celebrities can be a double-edged sword.
Remember, however, that leverage is a two-edged sword.
In the past many samurai had worked as farmers, putting on the armor and sword only when needed.
The chemical complexity of natural products is a two-edged sword.
For college presidents, personal charm is a double-edged sword that must be wielded deftly.
The endless sword duels, a big part of all pirate movies, probably happened on occasion.
But the economics of these plants is a double-edged sword.
They have long, thin, curving horns that resemble a scimitar sword.
From the hyper-realistic deaths by sword to the pristine marble worlds of the heavens above, it's gorgeous.
Having a well-known scholar as your adviser can be a double-edged sword.
But it does reflect the fact that the sword cuts both ways.
Here are six questions to consider before you grab your sword.
Privacy laws are meant to be a shield for the employee, not a sword for the bureaucracies.
The two-edged sword of electronic media strikes again.
Three weeks later the student was fined five pounds for not wearing a sword to the examination.
Billfishes are named for a prolongation of the upper jaw into a rostrum, or bill, that resembles a sword.
From that point on, enemies will frequently challenge you to one-on-one sword battles.
Please do not come after me with your super punch or your sword.
In other words, lots and lots of jousting and sword fighting.
Layered synthesizers and drum machines are a double-edged sword.
He raised his sword, then toppled forward, shot dead.
Online courses, she said, are also a double-edged sword when it comes to time-management issues.
If the plagiarist is further up the ladder, solicit a champion to draw a sword on your behalf.
Such awards are a double-edged sword, but not always a dubious distinction.
But, more important, he's not the familiar old sword fighter offering his sword for hire.
They then simulated that sword-swallowing maneuver on a computer.
The impact ripped off his right hand and blew shrapnel from his sword and armor clean through his arm.
There were two methods only,-one by the sword, the other by the vote.
Some have sword and shield, others mace, others spear and net.
We filmed a sword pommel decorated with filigree spirals being examined.
But the double-edged sword is actually a triple-edged sword: without spending, the economy can't get better.
We both agreed that short-term capital flows are a double-edged sword, both positive and negative.
Slicing apples in the air with a samurai sword took a year.
Copy-right is double edges sword for this human flexibility.
He was kind of partial to using his sword rather than his tongue.

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