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First, you head to the greenhouse--and close the door quickly so that hungry bugs don't swoop in.
They flap, swoop and descend while calling before diving to the original perch.
He dropped in an effortless swoop, circled, then continued his journey south.
Others swoop close to their stars and then swing far out on egg-shaped paths, scattering smaller bodies as they go.
The walls swoop in tight, then flare out, the rock seeming to flow.
Scores of gulls hover above, screeching in excitement, then swoop down to gobble up any leftovers.
Thousands of gulls swoop over the island, their cries combining into a near-deafening cackle.
The shells swoop down among the battery horses standing there apart.
It is rare to swoop in from outside and take a job from a local, unless you are well connected or truly up and coming.
They need to pay the consequences, not have mommy swoop in to rescue them and make excuses for them.
The avian epicure thus grabbed both the salad and the sushi courses in one swell swoop.
The gulls converge and swoop at the water, plunging their beaks at the fish.
He outlined before he wrote, and then poured out the words in one fluid swoop.
And since they were too large and interconnected to be permitted fail, the government had to swoop in and rescue them.
The tension ratchets up as perimeter-securing military grunts swoop in.
Turner shows us the tool he has made from an ordinary kitchen spoon to remove the blood groove with a single swoop.
Doubtless, depression had hovered near me for years, waiting to swoop down.
The flies swoop down on ants, depositing an egg underneath their skin.
Luckily for the bats, there are volunteers to swoop in and rescue them.
Brine shrimp and brine flies are the daily special, and large flocks swoop in to refuel.
The birds perch, watch, and then swoop to the ground to pounce on their prey.
Its high fares allowed new discount carriers to swoop in.
Even a sharp-eared mouse can't hear the owl swoop in.
Market rumours have been swirling that a white knight may swoop in.
Those gutsy enough to swoop can enjoy rich pickings.
Especially when, as in this case, stronger rivals immediately swoop in to grab its customers.
Albatrosses and other marine birds swoop on the bait, get caught on the hooks, and are dragged under water.
They were able to swoop in as the industry leader faded from the scene.
Apple to swoop in on smaller companies while they're vulnerable and cheap.
If our friend drops the bottle of wine, we're ready to swoop in before it crashes to the floor.
We swoop low over a stubble field, scattering a flock of emus.
Normally, neighboring bees would swoop into forsaken hives and steal honey and pollen.
They swoop in without a cartwheel, and bring both feet and both hands upward to grab onto the tree.
Birds swoop in to pluck it away and feed it to their chicks.
Some of these people are simply con artists, ready to swoop in as soon as they smell blood in the water, vermin that they are.
Belted kingfishers swoop above the warm water streams, hunting for food.
The drivers of both the swoop and squat car planned the accident.
They know it wasn't created overnight and won't be rectified with one swoop of the pen through one piece of legislation.
They observe quietly from a high perch and swoop down to catch prey.
They have wide wings, lightweight bodies, and feathers specially designed to allow them to silently swoop down on prey.
With leaves off the trees, you can see any owls that swoop in to check out your calls.
Males have ringed, wax-colored horns above the forehead which curve and swoop slightly.
The ball would then swoop across the lecture hall and return to slightly depress my nose.
Peregrine falcons swoop down on their prey and strike it with their talons.
Divers in these waters swoop and hover in flooded gorges, alongside vertical walls and pinnacles that soar hundreds of feet.

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