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Swoon frontloads her days with caffeine and works on her art late into the night.
Good keynote speeches at conferences can make me swoon.
The swoon in commodity prices of late supports this view.
Locals swoon for their brick-oven pizzas, gourmet sandwiches, and other super-fresh farm-to-table offerings.
There are plenty of smart phones out there with the specs and features to make power users and tech junkies swoon.
Housing will eventually recover from its great swoon.
Give literary critics a bit of lovely writing, no matter how self-involved, and they will swoon.
But in fact, other datapoints suggest that housing markets have turned up a bit since the autumn swoon.
The result is a slammed diesel hybrid sure to make hippies swoon and make car camping a whole lot cooler.
Between one month and three is nearer reality, during which time markets can soar or swoon.
The one prize that can make society swoon with ecstasy.
Their unique sound has everyone from unwashed hipsters to polished public-radio correspondents in a swoon.
His eyes were closed, and for some while his heavy sighs alone told her that he was neither dead nor in a swoon.
And a long spring and summer swoon ensued, during which it became clear that the recovery was in serious danger.
After a swoon last year, the dollar is again enjoying a major rally.

Famous quotes containing the word swoon

their ordinary swoon,... more
I am very like to swoon With the weight of this brocade, For the sun sifts through the shade.... more
Why do you smile that liverish smile? Why do you double over in a spaz and a swoon, gurgling on my past, my... more

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