swipes in a sentence

Example sentences for swipes

After sterilization, a razor swipes the protruding veins to release bad blood.
Finished, he ambles into deeper water, where he suddenly lights into dear old mom with play swipes of his paws.
Instead it makes a blustery, bluff charge and swipes at the camera.
But his wider and wilder swipes are startlingly wrong.
As for the other swipes you take at religion, get in line.
Swipes and taps accompanied by satisfying robotic sound effects.
Lateral swipes move you swiftly through the page thumbnails, all rendered large enough for you to quickly glean what they contain.
Other levels involve flying though giant lotus flowers, or blowing up comets with swipes of cosmic energy.
Each spell has a certain pattern of taps and swipes you must complete with the stylus during casting for it to work.
He sneaks up behind her, swipes another brush and whispers to her that they should flee.
Each level features candy suspended in the air by ropes players cut with swipes of the touchscreen.
And it gets easier once players master movements, but it still doesn't feel as quick or precise as swipes on the touch-screen.
Players can string together a variety of swipes for punishing combos, as well as parry opponents' attacks.
Special swipes were collected in areas of particular interest both before and after this event.
The activities of these swipes range from several hundreds dpm to hundred thousands dpm.
Examples are cleaning solvent, cutting fluids, and cleaning swipes.
Side swipes are also caused by drivers changing lanes abruptly.
The contaminated area will be surveyed and swipes collected to evaluate the effectiveness of these methods.
Clean birdbaths every few d so with several quick swipes of a scrub brush, then add fresh water.
Liquids are deposited and dried, while air filters and swipes are placed directly in the planchet.
The retailer swipes your check and hands it right back to you.
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