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Example sentences for swipe

Cooked fast and cleaned with a swipe with no bending.
Or swipe from side to side to move from one article to the next.
Today electricity can be transmitted via magnetic induction in such things as security swipe cards.
Fortunately it's interesting enough to be worth taking a swipe at.
Instead, dip a pastry brush in cold water and swipe the sides of the pot to get rid of hanging crystals.
Tap an item to hear it, double tap to activate it, swipe three fingers to scroll.
Not studying them necessarily for swipe material, but studying them because of their skill at drawing.
Here's another feature for touch-enabled devices: on articles and blog posts, you can now use simple swipe gestures.
Customers swipe their savings card on the phone and hand their deposit to the agent who pockets the money.
The firm responded by making thicker milkshakes and putting in a quick-swipe lane to make buying them easier.
The rest have to make do with a quick swipe across the knee with a scalpel, to mimic a surgery scar.
Stores say the lower swipe fees will let them lower their prices.
Players earn combo bonuses for chopping several items with one swipe.
After dodging and tossing fireballs, the demon takes one giant swipe.
Players swipe their fingers or tap the touchscreen to check out their farms, harvest crops or perform other tasks.
Players swipe across the touch screen to perform sword strikes, or tap to block and dodge opponents.
Swipe left to turn pages, swipe down to read more about each place.
Rather than a short swipe, you have to grab and drag the screen all the way to the edge of the screen.
When shopping for books or browsing your library, you can swipe through color representations of their covers on the lower screen.
The swipe out will be denied because there is not a corresponding swipe in.
If you swipe your card, follow the prompts on the screen.
The machine will prompt when to swipe identification during the transaction.
If you ever want to take a swipe at me feel free to do so.
Chavez then moved into scoring position with a swipe of second.
Some could swipe at the fish and bring one up with a single wave of the paw.

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Only man thinning out his kind sounds through the Sabbath noon, the blind swipe of the pruner and his knife... more
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