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The swine flu pandemic highlights a decades-old problem: industrial animal farming poses serious public health risks.
The first doses of vaccine for the swine flu began arriving.
Vaccines being made to protect people from swine flu may not be so healthy for threatened species of sharks.
Vaccines already exist for swine and chicken coronaviruses.
Last summer everyone was in a panic about swine flu.
Viral diseases such as swine flu have spread quickly around the world by air.
Worries about the spread of swine flu are currently doing wonders for the market in pocket-sized antimicrobial handwash.
And it'd be a helluva lot more painful to the swine than losing property.
Then he realized where he'd seen that look before: the swine flu video.
Medical personnel shunned the swine flu vaccine in droves.
When these animals escaped and crossbred with feral swine, they created a tougher feral hog.
The pig will be released and will catch the swine flu minutes later.
They were also among the researchers who identified swine flu's origins after its outbreak last year.
Sometimes, as with the outlook for the swine-flu pandemic, progress and distress compete in the same story.
Remember that word, because it is going to come back and haunt every one of those swine.
It's no surprise that charlatans would hawk phony products to profit from the public's fears of catching swine flu.
These days there are so many things trying to pull us down, with the economy and the swine flu.
Swine flu is caused by influenza viruses that normally infect pigs.
Swine have increasingly become utilized as biomedical research models in the last two decades.
And he went out and cleaved to one of the citizens of that country, and this citizen sent him into his town to keep swine.
They did so, and on the same day met with a herd of swine.
Swine flu has been on everyone's mind, and the topic of conversation for months.

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