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Their duties range from checking that market traders do not swindle customers to tracking down brothels.
The corresponding swindle relating to economics takes place outside of economic theory proper.
And consider that government-backed standards in the credit card banking sector have already proved futile, one swindle at a time.
It would be explosive if high pay continued to be seen as a swindle.
The big question is whether the regulators are competent enough to intentionally swindle people.
Also, you never know who is going to try and swindle money out of a company and try to get away with it.
The representatives want to swap the swindle under carpet.
Whatever you can swindle out of unsuspecting tourists buddy.
The local bases do a decent job of tracking dealers that swindle service members.
How, exactly, he pulled off the swindle remained unreported.
After grumbling for a day or two about being misled, they'll go right back to the swindle.
If not exactly a deliberate swindle, it is an endlessly repeated put-on, a shaggy-dog story without a punch line.
Even the chairman of the senate finance committee hid away a police report on the swindle for over seven months.
They might add that these might become collectibles after they come to be recognized for the swindle that they are.
Now that it's becoming clear that this promise of future profits was a giant swindle, the investment is slowing down.
He owns a smaller casino and wants no part of the swindle.
She may swindle him out of his life savings, often causing him to file for bankruptcy.
Key to the swindle were bank insiders who took bribes to push the bogus paperwork through the system.

Famous quotes containing the word swindle

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