swimwear in a sentence

Example sentences for swimwear

Thoroughly wash swimwear and clean out camping equipment for a less pungent spring awakening.
Pack appropriate swimwear for the water sports you want to enjoy.
Swimwear is likely on your packing list, but it is important to pack enough pieces.
For years, automakers adorned the stages of consumer auto shows with models in swimwear, evening wear or low-cut blouses.
During the day, casual dress is expected, but swimwear is not permitted in the dining rooms or public areas of many ships.
Spacious changing rooms and showers are available for guest use, although towels and swimwear are not provided.
The actress-singer's eponymous collection includes purses, jewelry and swimwear, as well.
And no ships allow shorts or swimwear in the dining areas at night.
Dress modestly and only wear swimwear on beaches when few people can see you.
But only this season did he come up with a look that firmly placed him on the swimwear map.
The beach is glamorous, the clientele well heeled, and no one spends a nickel on swimwear.
The new suits are hardly the first innovation in swimwear.
Stock up now on everything from cozy sweaters to skimpy swimwear for those getaways to warmer climes.
The sun will speed fading, and both will cause the breakdown of the elastic quality of your swimwear.
All patrons entering the facility are required to wear appropriate swimwear and pay an admission fee.
T-shirts may be worn in addition to proper swimwear.
Lining in shorts does not qualify as appropriate swimwear.
Most lesions have occurred from contact with contaminated swimwear.
Shorts, tank tops and swimwear are not deemed to be appropriate attire for court proceedings.
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