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Example sentences for swimsuit

Splurge on a room with wood-burning fireplace, and bring a swimsuit for the outdoor pool.
Each prospective model then fills out a short questionnaire and changes into whatever lingerie or swimsuit she brought to pose in.
Try not to look surprised when you discover him sitting with a lady in a green swimsuit.
Quietly he changed into a swimsuit and went back to the river to immerse himself and cool his body.
Beach towels make a larger fashion statement than your swimsuit.
Put on a stylish swimsuit in which you feel comfortable and confident.
You'll probably buy or wear a swimsuit over the next three days.
As a general rule, a swimsuit is the required attire for use in an aquatic facility's water areas.
Briskly dry off with a towel as soon as you come out of the water, including the skin under the swimsuit.
Proper swimsuit attire required for gate admission, including wading pool.
She was last seen wearing a white swimsuit with red and purple flowers with shorts attached.
Hikers should bring adequate water, lunch and a swimsuit.
Bring a swimsuit to enjoy this natural beach environment.
Campers should bring their swimsuit and towel every day, a water bottle and their favorite sunscreen.

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