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In big houses with a swimming pool, bath-robes are supplied and often bathing suits.
There is a small swimming pool which can be warmed artificially.
If you don't have a swimming pool, you could install a cistern or rain barrels.
Then notice how the soothing palette mimics the sparkle and cool, watery blue of a swimming pool or water feature.
The dance hall will be right in the middle, between the food court and the swimming pool.
Hot water for all the apartments in the complex took less gas than this tiny swimming pool.
The average swimming pool or hot tub contains enough to dry one's hair to the point of ruination.
If you're being shot at, you could do worse than diving into a swimming pool.
It's unclear how they could cross a swimming pool, let alone the globe.
He had to go to the swimming pool to meet his sister.
In between them, and protected by high concrete walls, is a split-level deck containing a swimming pool.
That's enough to rebuild or renovate a historic plantation great house, put up some guest cottages, install a swimming pool.
Swimming pool builders got into the shelter-construction business.
Currents dissipate in these virtual lakes the way a stream of water from a hose melts into a full swimming pool.
Those days of lounging around in an overcrowded hotel swimming pool, sitting on a broken deck chair are gone.
Once guests have had their fill of shopping, they can return to the hotel for a dip in the indoor swimming pool.
The hotel has a fully equipped fitness center and an indoor swimming pool.
Hotel amenities include a fitness center, game rooms and an outdoor swimming pool.
Guests have access to the hotel's indoor swimming pool, hot tub and fitness center.
Other park amenities include showers, a laundry room, a group room and a swimming pool.
Amenities at the hotel include a business center, a swimming pool and laundry facilities.
Guests have access to an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool and fitness center with free weights and cardiovascular machines.
For relaxation, guests can take advantage of the hotel's sundeck, indoor swimming pool and saunas.
Additional amenities include a fitness center, a business center and an indoor, heated swimming pool.
The hotel has a fitness center, swimming pool and hot tub.
On the roof is a sun deck and swimming pool for guest use.
Additional on-site services include a full salon and spa, an art gallery and a fitness center with an indoor heated swimming pool.
The hotel has its own spa and an outdoor, ocean-view swimming pool.
Guests have access to a year-round outdoor hot tub and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool.
Activities at this site include a playground for kids and swimming pool for all, with an adjacent hot tub.
It affords excellent on-site recreational options in the form of a swimming pool, pool tables and a crazy golf course.
Guests have access to the fitness center and swimming pool.
Amenities include a swimming pool, a volleyball court and hiking and nature trails.
The four-story hotel has a fitness center, outdoor heating swimming pool where towels are provided, and a whirlpool.
The property features a swimming pool and a guest laundry.
The resort features a state of-the-art health club and spa, a swimming pool, a lazy river and a fitness center.
Hotel amenities include an outdoor swimming pool and business center.
Facilities at the hotel include a fitness center, business center, swimming pool and restaurant.
Active guests will appreciate the indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool and fitness center.
Hotel guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool and a complimentary breakfast is served each day.
Guests can also use the indoor swimming pool and business center.
Among its other facilities are a fitness center and a swimming pool.
The hotel has an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, spa and laundry facilities.
Visitors have access to a heated swimming pool, shower facility and toilets with running water.
Additional hotel amenities include a fitness facility, an outdoor swimming pool and business center.
Overnight residents have exclusive use of the park's indoor swimming pool.
Guests may enjoy the on-site arcade room, outdoor swimming pool, and an on-site restaurant and lounge.
It had a swimming pool and there was a large staff to care for the boys and their three sisters.
My bull terrier jumping into the swimming pool to recover her tennis ball.
There were cars on the roof deck and cars on the bow, cars around the swimming pool and cars next to the lifeboats.
There's also a good-sized swimming pool, health club and multi-cuisine restaurant.
Facilities include a swimming pool and two restaurants.
The bottom of the swimming pool is decorated with two blue-tile dolphins.
In their view, it was the extravagance of the new gym that brought about the drowning of a student in the swimming pool.
There's a swimming pool out back, and the interior is comfortable and homey.
There were many fundraisers in their sloping, running-down-to-the-swimming pool garden.
He can straighten his arms and legs and, in a swimming pool, initiate a step and push off against the wall.
He would not go into his swimming pool in his own house with his clothes off.
Heating a swimming pool can consume a lot of energy and add up to high heating bills.
If you want an energy-efficient way to heat your swimming pool, consider using a heat pump pool heater.
Data show that head lice can survive under water for several hours but are unlikely to be spread by the water in a swimming pool.
The key to preventing a swimming pool tragedy is to have layers of protection.
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