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Then notice how the soothing palette mimics the sparkle and cool, watery blue of a swimming pool or water feature.
But in the longer term water quality must improve enough for swimming.
They now live in the water, sometimes totally submerged, then raising their heads above the surface or swimming upon it.
Now the river water was smooth for his swimming, and he came safely to its mouth.
Swimming with dolphins is an enjoyable way to learn more about these sea mammals by actually getting into the water with them.
Clumsy in the water, while the raccoon was in its element, the dogs had to content themselves with swimming around it and barking.
Those who have any doubt at all about their water skills, he cautions, should start swimming laps.
No matter how much you know about swimming, there is only really one way to learn, and that is to get in the water.
Other water-based retreats include fresh water swimming areas and swimming pools.
Because swimming isn't safe here, it gets much less crowded than other beaches in the area.
If you don't have a swimming pool, you could install a cistern or rain barrels.
As expected, the wide, green swimming hole is deserted.
In some sports, notably swimming, the right attire can be an enormous boon.
And outright theft is not unheard of, as the poor seek to fill their drinking vessels and the rich their swimming pools.
One is drug money, which may account for some of the swimming pools.
But technology matters even more in the swimming pool.
If hair takes on a tinge of green after swimming in a chlorine laden pool, simply comb tomato sauce through it.
But more glitters there than the silvery shapes of sockeye salmon swimming upstream.
It had a swimming pool and there was a large staff to care for the boys and their three sisters.
After that they're on their own, sinking or swimming each in his or her own way.
Opening hours for facilities such as libraries and swimming pools have, in some instances, been cut back.
Swimming through the sea of the unexpected helped me learn a few things about searching, finding, and accepting a new position.
It doesn't mean they were swimming in government funds.
They have been swimming in midnights of coal mines somewhere.
In big houses with a swimming pool, bath-robes are supplied and often bathing suits.
Clusters of gnats swimming and dancing in the air in all directions.
There is a small swimming pool which can be warmed artificially.
The painting contrasts the vast number of bison swimming across the river with the handful of explorers in a rowboat.
Traveling in a group is much safer than swimming alone.
The major drawback to upper extremity design is that the flapping motion is not a natural form of swimming for humans.
The next-leading sports were swimming, lacrosse, football and cross-country.
We're not exactly talking swimming in an infinity pool as opposed to a drainage ditch here, people.
Those days of lounging around in an overcrowded hotel swimming pool, sitting on a broken deck chair are gone.
Swimming with dolphins in a controlled environment could be the closest you will ever be to these intriguing sea animals.
Swimming with majestic, intelligent animals such as dolphins can be both extremely rewarding and invigorating.
The hotel features an on-site fitness center and indoor swimming pool.
Dolphins are playful, intelligent creatures and swimming with them can be an unforgettable experience.
Among all the activities are plenty of things to keep the kids happy, too, from train rides to swimming.
The diverse setting offers recreation that runs the gamut from swimming and golf in summer to skiing and snowboarding in winter.
Now it appears that some aquatic hunters find food by following the wake left by swimming fish.
The average swimming pool or hot tub contains enough to dry one's hair to the point of ruination.
By swimming together in a school, they can transfer energy to one another through these vortices.
The swimming speed of sharks as they track prey may be limited by the spacing of their nostrils.
They get in your hair when you go swimming at the beach.
Swans swimming beak to beak have become a common symbol of mate-for-life dedication.
But these proportions facilitate diving and swimming.
What would be news is for you to go swimming freely in the sea or a whale sitting in a cubicle responding to website articles.
Most of the creatures survived the surgery and resumed swimming.
If you're being shot at, you could do worse than diving into a swimming pool.
These fish were holding in the stream before swimming into a small lake to spawn.
Even with their thrifty metabolism and efficient swimming, leatherbacks must be eating vast amounts.
Many pelicans fish by swimming in cooperative groups.
In addition, reservoirs may offer recreational opportunities, such as swimming and boating.
By swimming under the ice, these seals can often avoid their main predators-orcas and leopard seals.
Pause the simulation and explain that the dolphins are becoming alarmed at the number of tiger sharks swimming around.
Now retired, he spends his time with his caretaker and enjoys swimming and walking through the forests he once logged.
When you're swimming in an ocean of information, you absorb it more thoroughly.
When swimming, the treated mice caught up with their normal counterparts, and their cellular and biochemical deficits disappeared.
We are literally swimming in a vast ocean of energy, lots and lots of clean energy, much more than we'll ever need.
It's because we're swimming in clean energy, lots and lots of it.
The pair eventually deduced that the universe should be swimming in monopoles, but it is not.
Ordinary people may not welcome a future spent swimming in an unending flood of information.
But when he turned fifty, he discovered swimming instead.
He had to go to the swimming pool to meet his sister.
Art, swimming, and ornithology were his primary interests at the tough local comprehensive school.
The pavements were swimming in it, and of course the hospitals are down, so there's nothing to be done about the cholera.
Cables draw the bottom of the seine tight, trapping the dolphins and any tuna swimming underneath.
In between them, and protected by high concrete walls, is a split-level deck containing a swimming pool.
It consists of a series of tanks that are about as big as above-ground backyard swimming pools.
In glorious detail, he described a game system he designed for swimming pools.
The bottom of the swimming pool is decorated with two blue-tile dolphins.
W hen you grew up in a land of swimming pools and movie stars, you were apt to wind up swimming with stars.
The hardest part for me was swimming the length of the pool and back with my feet tied together and hands tied behind my back.
In their view, it was the extravagance of the new gym that brought about the drowning of a student in the swimming pool.
He preferred swimming, as it required virtually no social interaction.
There's a swimming pool out back, and the interior is comfortable and homey.
Summer means that day-drinking is socially sanctioned and sometimes there's swimming.
Although the police have never said it publicly, today it is a pool in which he seems to be swimming alone.
The creature looks as if it might be swimming through a sea of stars.
Record-breaking critters are always crawling, hopping, swimming or otherwise locomoting across our radar.
In some cases, the sunfish seems to be courting the birds, following them around and swimming sideways next to them.
Their legs and feet were clearly adapted for perching rather than running or swimming.
We have the word already for our swimming pools and hot tubs.
Times of life when males are swimming in testosterone--for example, after reaching puberty--correspond to when aggression peaks.
At such a size, you'd expect the pitchers to be swimming in insects.
Out in the open, their poor swimming abilities leave them vulnerable to predators.
The test consists of swimming two widths of the pool.
Swimming and tubing are not recommended in park waters.

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