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Sweltering inland temperatures are averaged with cooler coastal weather.
But so many more, it seemed, withstood the sweltering heat.
Baobab trees such as this one can provide some relief from the sweltering heat.
In the midst of sweltering heat waves, air conditioning can be a lifesaver, protecting against heat stroke and hyperthermia.
Hundreds of thousands of commuters were stranded, many in sweltering subway stations and aboard trains stopped by flooded tracks.
And sweltering in the dark has been only part of the problem.
In addition to the discomfort, it can keep swimmers out of the water for several sweltering weeks.
We had spent the morning sweltering behind a barred door, with daylight only through chinks and our one high window in the gable.
Survivors said they shouted and pounded the sides of the sweltering truck as the air grew thinner.
They had many benefits in the sweltering heat of the rugged border region.
It was hazy, already sweltering and the billowing emission from a steampipe swirled depressingly.
Released six hours later, the three rights workers drove off into the sweltering darkness.
Sometimes you need to stun the senses by taking a hot bath when it's sweltering outside.
The sky was sapphire, the sun splendid and pitiless, the heat sweltering.
Inside, boxers fought in sweltering heat for the early camera.
The chill of the night gave way to a sweltering day.
It also required swimming through chilly pools that could cause hypothermia, even though it was sweltering above the surface.
Hundreds of spectators stood in the sweltering sun expressing disbelief and anger.
Part of the explanation lies in the region's steep, ragged terrain and exceptionally wet, sweltering weather conditions.
Temperatures in the southern regions of the continent can be sweltering, making destinations to the north more tempting.
The heat is sweltering, with tourists desperately searching for air conditioning.
They shrugged off the sweltering humidity to sweep a doubleheader.
And the smell of the sweltering, overcrowded theater they fought to enter was revolting.
Metals other than aluminum should be avoided, for they become extremely hot when exposed to a sweltering sun.
Freezing weather during the winter or sweltering weather during the summer can increase your utility bills.
On sweltering summer nights, bats chirp to each other as they exit an old barn to hunt mosquitoes.
In the summer, expect sweltering temperatures down in the desert and the necessity of a sweater or jacket in the high country.
Sweltering heat dominated the first half of the week.
It has rugged mountains to sweltering desert valleys with extreme summertime heat.
None of our neighbors should have to face a winter without heat or a sweltering summer's day without some relief.
Tens of thousands of people endured sweltering heat for hours to celebrate the birth of their new nation.

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