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Example sentences for sweetheart

Spend your days under a palapa with a margarita in hand and a sweetheart by your side.
If you're looking to statistics to win your sweetheart, then maybe you should reconsider your choice.
She is a sweetheart and the thought of her being put down is unbearable.
Now he is in a typical preschool and is a sweetheart.
Sprinkle those statements on your sweetheart throughout the day.
Abandoned lovers are generally dedicated to winning their sweetheart back.
It even has some poor guy's sweetheart's name scratched on the underside of the base inside a heart.
Even more troubling, a board or board member may arrange sweetheart deals with other businesses.
Of course that was an end that sweetheart regulations were intended to produce.
You'll soon be paying more to satisfy your sweetheart's yearnings.
The combination of high risk and sweetheart deals should yield exceptional returns.
None the less she managed to reinvent herself as the nation's sweetheart.
So the other night two recovering frat guys and a former frat sweetheart were prepared to indulge in a little recidivism.
National parks provide beautiful backgrounds for a romantic weekend that's all about your sweetheart and you.
Executives get sweetheart deals and wiggle out of loan obligations.
Bring your sweetheart and enjoy a weekend of entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere.
Consider the choice to marry one sweetheart over another.

Famous quotes containing the word sweetheart

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Oh my daughter, My sweetheart, daughter of my late employer, princess, May you not be long on the way!... more
So, my sweetheart back home writes to me and wants to know what this gal in Bombay's got that she hasn't go... more
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